Adam’s Picks for the Three Biggest Fall New TV Winners


Fall is a time for leaves to change, for school to start up, and for me to say fuck it to both of those things and be taken over by amazing TV.

Truly I agree that we are in a golden age of television and things have never been funnier, more thought-provoking, original, and tear worthy. That said, they ain’t all gems. Too often it seems that networks try to use a big name to mask terrible writing or think that throwing money at a production will increase it’s value. Shows seem to go more often than stay and I love that kill or be killed standard because it keeps creators on their toes. While some shows disappear before their time: Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 and Arrested Development, others shine… and hopefully the three below will be stars on TV for years to come.

The Exorcist

I was VERY skeptical of this one from very early days. How do you turn such an iconic movie into a episodic TV show? How do revive a legend, decades old, that has been so modified over the years as to be nearly unrecognizable at this point. And, how did Geena Davis put on so much face weight? I was proven wrong on all levels… and honestly, even Geena looks pretty good on this once you give her a chance. This show is DARKKKKK. I loves me some classy gore webbed into suspense and The Exorcist gives it to me, hard. Following the dark lives of two gorgeous but equally messed up sisters, this reinvention combines the aggressive horror of the less-known Outcast with a more broad appeal of American Horror Story. I just watched an open mouth, wet kiss between a teenage girl and a wet, old, salesman (demon) and couldn’t have been more enthralled. This show is pushing limits on violence, religion in modern days, and terrifying twists. Love it.

Better Things

You likely haven’t tried this one because it stars an all-women cast and did not get as much promo as the blockbusters of the new fall lineup, but trust me, this is worth it. Yet another “look into the poor lives of the rich of LA”, Better Things is the Californication of 2016, minus 98% of the sex… and gives voice to the fairer sex’s perspective of La La Land. It will probably turn off anyone identifying as right wing or bible belt as it pushes conventions around adolescent sexuality, drug use, and parenting. I have a secret crush on all no-bullshit moms who will call their kids fucking crazy to their face but who still give and give and give… maybe that’s cause that’s what I grew up with ha. The show is full of Curb Your Enthusiasm laughs but a shit ton of touching moments that can only exist between girls and their mothers and is worth the view. PROMISE. Oh, and that scratchy, high-pitched voice coming out of the hilarious lead Pamela Adlon is impossible not to smile at.

This is Us

Okay, fine NBC, you win. I honestly don’t know why but came into this puppy wanting to not like it. What the fuck is wrong with me, right? Honestly, I’ve been in mourning since the loss of The Good Wife that I think it just seemed too soon for a new dog. Dramas to me are unique creators that I look forward to all week. I freaking love Modern Family but come Tuesdays (??) I’m more happily surprised to see it on my saved shows than I am thrilled it’s finally here. Dramas, I know their date, time, and if this week is a new one or not. Friends and family will tell you that this boy does NOT cry for real life events… seems like a waste of good moisture. But, give me a McDreamy car accident and I will be soaked in salty tears for hours. So, when I cued up This is Us, I was veerrrrry slow to allow it into my heart. But dammit, if that overweight sister and gorgeous alcoholic father didn’t just have me around their finger. I’m only 2 episodes in at this point, but the closing scene twists, and honest acting are having me excited to see more. While it’s a bit of a smaller cast to be the next Brother and Sisters, the time jumping adds a layer not seem in straight dramas too often and I’m excited to see what comes from it. Oh, and the sound track slays. Watch for that alone.

Well, there you have it: my TV cheers. Turn in for my Worst 3 new picks, and some commentary on returning shows that may or may not have me tuning in still.