The people over at Adam & Eve have just shared a handful of very interesting facts about sex toys that I thought may interest you. My guess is because it’s such a personal and private thing, they want to really get the message out there that pretty much everyone’s doing it. For the U.S., Wyoming is ranked number 1 as having the highest number of sex toys per capita according to these statistics! Who knew!?

Although the study seems to speak mainly to women, we know that men are buying these toys too. I’ve included a poll below to see what types of sex toys you guys are using as well. I’m curious to know what’s in the naughty drawers of our of our readers – haha!

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the science of orgasms, you should also check out this cute and informative video I posted earlier this week that literally explains (in a simple way) what is happening before, during, and after an orgasm, as well as the differences between men and woman.

What Types Of Sex Toys Do You Own?

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