Extreme Couponing: Psycho Savers On New TLC Show

TLC has come out with yet another “I can’t help but watch” type show. This time, a reality/documentary style show that profiles shopaholics that use coupons to save thousands of dollars on the stockpiles of goods they buy. These people are not just your regular coupon clippers. They literally spend hours a day on the internet looking for deals. This is Extreme Couponing, and no, it’s not a sport.

Four Extreme Couponers were profiled on the series premiere, each with their own bag of tricks and system that they follow for finding deals. One woman brought more than $600 in merchandise to the till and paid only $2.64 after coupons. Another shopper creates an order at the till so large it has to be broken up because the register can only scan 500 items at a time. Items purchased include: 60 bottles of hand soap, 40 bottles of water and 1100 boxes of cereal. The value is almost $6000, and he purchases it for $241.

These people are good at what they do, but they take it to the extreme. One family hasn’t bought toilet paper in three years because they have so much of it. It’s kind of like hoarders, but in a more positive way since we’re not dealing with garbage and fecal matter.

Did any of you check out the series premiere? Are you always on the look out for good deals, or more a fly by the seat of your pants, careless shopper?