“Ex-Gay?” There’s An App For That

So I nearly lost my shit cool when I found out about this. The cray-cray’s over at Exodus International, that “ex-gay” organization, had this to say on their website “Exodus International is the world’s largest ministry to individuals and families impacted by homosexuality. With over 35 years of ministry experience, Exodus is committed to encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth.” Also saying this about their new app “Receiving a 4+ rating from Apple (applications in this category contain no objectionable material), this application is designed to be a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders.”

OK, WHAT the crazy town is going on at Apply that they can’t see the truth behind this hateful app!? Because I didn’t want to judge fully before I knew all the facts, I myself downloaded the app and just as quickly deleted that sucker. All I saw on it was hateful word after hateful word covered up by some lame attempts at pretending that “hate” isn’t what they’re saying. Like this quote off the website that made me shake my head, “Any way you look at it, homosexuality is simply part of human experience. It just happens. What you need to realize is that the human experience is in conflict with the way God created us. Exodus is an organization that believes that conflict is resolved in Jesus Christ, and we’re here to support those who are following him.” Excuse me? Did that just say pretty plain and simple that homosexuality is a choice? The only choice I personally see in being LGBT is whether or not to be true to yourself and live openly and happy or pretend that you’re not who you are and live the rest of your life hating yourself.

Wikipedia had this to say about Homosexual behavior in animals: “1999 review by researcher Bruce Bagemihl shows that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and is well documented for 500 of them…Current research indicates that various forms of same-sex sexual behavior are found throughout the animal kingdom. A new review made in 2009 of existing research showed that same-sex behavior is a nearly universal phenomenon in the animal kingdom, common across species.” So if the animals are doing it and are pretty happy about life, why is it so hard for humans to acknowledge that it’s natural and we don’t need to “fix” anything within us.

Currently there is a petition on Change.org to get Apply to remove this app. It’s safe to say I’ve already signed it. Here is the link for you: Remove “ex-gay” app Petition.

I really would like to know other peoples opinions on this subject because it boggles my mind. I leave you with this YouTube from “Truth Wins Out” which has KC and Larry that met at Love in Action while trying to “pray away the gay”. The two men fell in love and are now legally married.

  • Drey

    This pisses me off. I don’t care how inarticulate I may come across as.

    I hate that fictitious idea that homosexuality is a choice. It’s not. The same apathetic dickheads who believe that can’t grasp the fact that their heterosexuality is ALSO natural. But it’s almost like we woke up one day and thought “oh, let’s be gay”.

    I’d like to draw your attention to this video I saw a while back. It brought me to tears.

    Not to mention all the other ex-gay survivors who are left with a bitter aftertaste in their mouth from all the hell they’ve been through.

    I just don’t understand. I mean, we’re not imposing on other people (are we?), and is growing/expanding at such a rapid rate- it’s most likely nature’s way of controlling our population.

    Anyway. Rant over. Thanks for the article. I’m signing the petition.

  • gay person

    choice? i’m not agreeing with hating on gays…but isn’t it technically a choice to be true to yourself? its a choice to ignore religious teachings and a choice to pursue your truth over trying to be something your not but hoping your rewarded for your struggle.

    and, no, i’m not a self-loathing homo, and i have also lived out my truth as a gay man by being with men, but i still do sort of agree its a choice to act or pursue your truth and denying the religious scriptures.

    i do think in the end its god versus the person and no matter what a scripture says, those are guidelines, and hopefully, God can see beyond that one tiny mistake someone makes and look at everything else they are doing right.

    i certainly do think adultury is just as wrong as homosexuality but a lot of religions are willing to turn their cheek on that since it’s easier to go after a smaller thing than a larger issue.

    anyways, this is kind of going off topic but…

    whether someone is gay, straight, closeted, etc, i think the key is to live and let live–if you don’t agree with the app…delete it….just as if a homophobe is against gays, they OUGHT TO click out of this and any site that is gay rather than spewing hatred and showing ignorance.

  • gay person

    also signing a petition to remove an app that could help someone who wants to not act on their gayness and recieve support is the same as someone posting a ‘petition to remove GRINDr’ on a straight website.

    apologies if there’s a gay app that would be a better example, insert that in place of GRINDr, since I know gays who think such an app is wrong too since they dont believe in random hookups.

  • gay person

    oh and animal’s showing homosexual behaviour isn’t a valid argument when held up against human beings–animal’s aren’t rational and don’t choose their actions on the same level as humans…an animal can’t choose to rip apart something it considers prey….but a human knows theirs protocol, norms, values, and ethics involved when it comes to food/’preying’.
    in the same way, it’s acceptable for people to believe and follow religious scriptures/’guidelines’, on how to lead their lives, including whether they should CHOOSE to act on their homosexuality or not.

  • kyle

    @gay person

    “it’s acceptable for people to believe and follow religious scriptures/’guidelines’, on how to lead their lives, including whether they should CHOOSE to act on their homosexuality or not.”

    you might be able to find comfort in a book that was written & edited over centuries by dozens of power hungry men, but I don’t. You’d be comfortable with someone living their life as a lie for a book that has resulted in the death & persecution of millions?

    Crusades? Witch Hunts? the Holocaust?

    You call that Grace?

    Find your own interpretation – personally, i refuse to believe that any deity would make the most purest of emotions – love – wrong in any form.

  • @gay person

    I suggest you watch the documentary “For the Bible tells me so” because I think it would give you some great insight and it’s really well done.

  • gay person

    thanks. i’ll check it out.

  • gay person

    i saw the documentary–it didn’t cover anything I already understood.
    i never suggested homosexuality is wrong nor did i say i myself am denying myself or anyone their prerogative to be true to themselves/come out/etc.
    i do still however, believe it’s the right of the religions/faithful to implement and promote what their beliefs are (in a non-violent manner). they reiterated repeatedly that they don’t hate gays…they just don’t believe in promoting the active pursuit of gayness. that is something every person should have as an option–gays too can be religious and some may want to choose to stick to their religious rules and sacrifice their gayness in this life for hopefully being rewarded in the after-life.

    over all, i still believe that both sides need to live and let live….there is no way religion will ever accommodate their beliefs and teachings for gays–yes you’ll always have organizations who to be honest seem more about being business minded by accepting ‘everyone’ and ‘broadening their interpretations’ to accumulate more members/funding/etc, but really? that’s like a previously passionate-pro-vegetarian restaurant opening up a special area of the retsuatrant for non-veg, when it proves that that market may be profitable–that leads to lost credibility!

    if you are pro-gay/gay and want to live that lifestyle…do it. but don’t be ignorant and sign a petition (you will never succeed–religion still and will always play a big role in a vast percentage of the population) to have this app removed…it’s the same thing as religious orgs showing up at a gay pride event…its counterproductive for the religious orgs just as much as its annoying to the gays. in the same way, posting to a gay blog to have someone reverse someone else’s belief….like okay can’t you see someone doing the same thing on a Christian website and/or spewing hatred on youtube against gays ON A CLEARLY MARKED GAYVIDEO….what do we do when that happens? shake our heads and be like why did these organizations/people open/visit such a site in the first place…they aren’t the target market. so in the same way…don’t be the flip-side ignorant bunch who are signing the petition that really doesn’t apply to you if your happy being who you are…it’s for people who may be lookin for spitirual guidance and help to guide them during that hard time. yes, promote gay rights and promote our gay pride voice to allow that lost individual to look into their ‘living life true and open’ option but encouraging the removal of the other side is not wise either.
    also, promoting to have a religious app removed will alienate support from non-gays who may otherwise be okay with letting gays live their lives as they want.
    anyways, i love this site, and yes God makes no mistakes and we were born this way, but everyone has the right to chose what path they want to pursue.

  • gay person

    i saw the documentary–it didn’t cover anything I didn’t already understand*.