Exclusive Interview: Reichen Lehmkuhl


While in LA last week, we had the opportunity to interview the sexy Reichen Lehmkuhl on camera. I’m sure you recognize him from at least one of the following:

  • Winning the Amazing Race with Chip
  • Fear Factor
  • Days of Our Lives
  • Dante’s Cove
  • Frasier
  • Author of the book, “Here’s What We’ll Say”

He is a very accomplished individual – aside from the aforementioned, Reichen was an Air Force pilot, has started a club in LA called Whiskey Dick, and is writing his second book.  In this interview, he reveals the name of his new book, exclusively with Homorazzi.com:  “It’ll Be Great Exposure”.


In this first part of our interview with Reichen, we discuss the many exciting projects he is working.  He discusses his role as Trevor on the upcoming Season 4 of Dante’s Cove, his upcoming movie called “Socially Registered”, going through the US Air Force and being a flight instructor, his new jewelry line called “Flying Naked“, his book “Here’s What We’ll Say” and the upcoming follow up book, “It’ll Be Great Exposure” – the title released first here in this Homorazzi.com exclusive.

In the second part of the interview, Reichen talks about the challenges of in the public eye.  After winning the amazing Race, Reichen was immediately in the public eye. A while after he and Chip broke up, Reichen dated Lance Bass from N’Sync.  The media and paparazzi were all over this relationship, and some things got out of hand.  After 8 months, their relationship ended and Perez Hilton started spreading rumors about the couple on his blog to which Reichen responded by setting plans in motion to sue the Queen of Media.

He also talks about his website The Real Reichen, his new night “Whiskey Dick” at Fubar in LA (every Wednesday night – which we attended), and what a typical day in his life is like.

Stay tuned for the third part of our interview with Reichen talking about an upcoming comic series he is starring in…

  • Note to self, never go out the night before doing a video interview. I blame Tigerheat for looking so tired and disheveled this morning.

  • mikeb

    I mean, ya he’s hot and all but a reality “celebrity”.

  • Ok, who fucked him? Let’s get to the real dirt

  • I think it’s great that he’s branched out to do so many different things and maintains a level of normalcy that you don’t find in other people who have become famous because of reality TV shows. So often you see Reality TV stars suddenly thinking that they are way more interesting to people than they really are- and Reichen doesn’t appear to have taken that route, which is awesome.

  • I’m so glad we caught Reichen on his way up!
    Considering the amount of success he’s had in the past two years alone, it’s extremely easy to see how big he’s becoming.
    Also Mikeb, i’d say that being famous for being YOURSELF and not just for acting like someone else- based on words written for you by someone else- is kind of a big deal in its own right. He’s known for being HIM… I think that’s pretty damn cool personally.

  • Craigers

    mmm, cute. but he’s not really a celebrity. extremely easy to get in touch with.

    lets see how the site goes down the road. looking good so far, some bumps but looking good.
    then I can set you up with some real celebrities.

  • mikeb

    That’s fine, I agree.

    I am also not a hermit who lives under a bridge, so i base my comment on his stint on A.R. and seeing him on all the gossip and “celebrity” sites with Lance Bass for quite some time until they broke up, since I have heard nothing about him.

    We are all “celebrities” then based on living a great life and being ourselves no?
    I don’t know, would I feel differently after meeting him?
    Probably not.

  • Trish

    Crass as usual Tommy.
    Looks like MikeB has turned into a real bitch (or “beotch), NOW who’s Negative Nancy.

    Who is Reichen? Is he in porn? No? Lance Bass? I met Lance at a charity event at Holts last year, he’s nice and quite orange, even more orange than Jonny 😛

  • You know it baby.

    Everyone was thinking it, I just have the balls to say it!

  • mikeb

    They let you in to Holt’s Trish?

    Now now, so childish calling me a bitch aren’t you?
    i’d say you were lowering yourself, but it’s just you.

  • mikeb

    Why are you here Trish, when you seem to have such a huge problem with this gay site?
    How much gayer can with Reichen story!?

  • Trish

    Haha, I love it Tommy. If you didn’t say it, who would have?
    Mike B, for the very last time, I NEVER said I had an issue with homosexuality (just you really). I simply stated, WEEKS ago that I hoped the sites topics would become more varied and they have, very much so. Hopefully you can get that into your thick little skull, because I’m not going to bother saying it again.
    And yes, they “let me into Holts”, is there a reason they wouldn’t? It may seem like I don’t work, because I’m always on here, but I do!
    The question should be, why are you here? Every one of your previous comments have been negative towards another poster – you’re not even bothering to comment on the actual post! I realize you’re looking for a debate, but I only debate with like-minded people, capable of adult conversations. You’re “flaming” (Is that what you call it Rich??)

  • mikeb

    Start Quote

    Is EVERYTHING on this site about being gay??? Can’t anyone discuss anything else?? Why does it ALL relate back to being gay?

    End Quote

    Trish, you need to do better digging, all of my posts are not negative towards anyone but yours.
    I am not looking for a debate, just wanted you to clarify why you are on this site (see quote above from the Kylie post).


  • Jonny

    Hey! It’s not EASY being ORANGE Trish 🙂 And I prefer to be known as either the “Ooompa Loompa” of the crew, or my personal favourite “Dina Lohan”. Now THAT’s orange!

  • Trish

    haha! Jonny, that is one of your best responses. You know I’m only joking and that you are an extremely attractive man.

    MikeB – I’m amused that you have such a fascination/obsession with my responses. The one you have cut ‘n pasted however, does not state I am homophobic. It simply asks if everything on the site was “gay themed”. Please point out the section that states I have hate for homosexuals. If I thought you were actually credible, I’d be offended, but considering the source….

  • mikeb

    Hmmm…3 hours have passed and my reply isn’t posted yet.

  • mikeb

    I don’t recall EVER calling you homophobic Trish.
    When did I do that?
    I must have been drinking?

  • Craigers

    This is what worries me about this site already, and it might end up putting people off.

    The highschool fights in the comments section.

    Those who ‘have the balls to say it’ but can’t take it.
    All talk, little substance.

    Don’t put yourselves out there boys, thinking it’ll make you a star if you can’t take the good with the bad.

    This has the potential to be a great site but it also has a very good chance of going down a predictable bumpy road.

    And careful kissing the gay ass, you might hit some pricks along the way and get a mouthful.

  • yea its pretty sad to see these guys/girls come here week after week to say little more than “you’re a bitch homophobe!” . As for the site, I think its good still…i think in an effort to make the site more general its getting kind of too general…like i dont know, maybe its good cause some stuff i could care less about (cough:hockey) but Im not the only reader (woops, yea i forgot) so yea, i love this site but for sure, could do without the pointless comment arguments.

    hmmm mouthful eh? ill keep kissin em azzzzes then.

  • btw, that dude is so not attractive and not very charismatic at all. and adam looks so cute as always. is he wearing foundation? wow, i am so doing that next time at the O…maybe even go drag tonight…hmmm…love the site.

  • Hahaha, do i look like a drag queen?
    No makeup, i swear… the top model venture was MORE than enough eyeliner etc. to last me a few lifetimes 😉

  • if drag queen means flawless, like you look made up, then yes. but no i meant, me thinkin you were wearing foundation made me inspired to put on some make up and werrrkkkkk it.. lol anyways. love you guys.