“Ew” With Jimmy Fallon & Channing Tatum

Earlier this week on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon‘, there was a hilarious sketch called ‘Ew’ where host Sara (Jimmy Fallon) invites her friend Susie (Channing Tatum) over to talk all things ew. Apparently bad AND good things are “ew”. Both men totally committed and it’s hilarious.

As the segment starts off, Fallon’s character Sara (who has braces) is jealous that Susie has tickets to a One Direction concert. Later, they decide to have a smile-off, then Susie shows off some of her hip-hop moves which gets the attention of Sara’s step-dad, Gary. LOL. Ew.

Watch the hilarious sketch below. Jimmy Fallon was just too much. He plays ugly tween girl so well. Enjoy!

  • Khal

    Thats hilarious !!
    cant hide the hotness channing !! just cant !!

  • zurvivor

    I really lol. i love both of their act.