Behind The Cast: My Vacation

Sorry for being AWOL for the last 2 weeks, but I’ve been in Europe and have been having a blast. We started the trip with a long layover in Amsterdam where we landed at around 7am, so we stored our hand carried luggage in a locker at the airport and headed into town via train. It was so early that only the cafés were open so we proceeded to the nearest one to grab an espresso and a ham & cheese sandwich and take advantage of the free wifi to do some social networking.

We walked around the red light district and in and around the canals and stopping at a Pannekoekhuis for some crepes and another coffee while killing time before meeting up with Topher for lunch. We head over to the American Hotel to meet Topher and we hit a local pub for a beer and a burger and to catch up. No matter where I go I always run into somebody I know from Vancouver and behold I run into an ex bf’s ex bf who now lives there. We head back to the airport to catch our flight for Madrid.We get into Madrid and it is scorching hot even late at night. We check into our cute hotel called AC Carlton Hotel which is a chain of little boutique hotels. Since it was late, we just headed to a little cafeteria to have a late snack. One of my favourite things about Spain are the bocadillos (which is ok but not for 2 weeks) which are sandwiches rubbed with tomatoes and filled with your choice of meats from beicon, jamon iberico, chorizo to name a few.

The next day we head to the Reina Sofia Museum which had a cafeteria that had free WiFi access! Instantly this became our morning ritual and would hang out here before we hit up the sites. The Reina Sofia Museum was a large museum and we tried to see every last square inch of it, I think we managed to see at least 70% of it. Two of our other friends from Vancouver were also in Madrid so we met up with them for dinner and a night of local clubbing. The one thing I always forget and don’t miss about Europe is the smoking. Unlike here in North America, smoking indoors is not against the law. Madrid’s temperature and humidity was almost unbearable at 37c and does not really cool down at night.

After 3 days in Madrid, we head to Barcelona which is the last leg of our trip where we stay for 11 days. We timed this vacation so we could partake in some of the parties of Matinée’s Circuit Festival which incidentally we missed last year when we came the week after it happened so the city was really dead in terms of the nightlife.

The first party we hit up is the Water Park party which was held at Illa Fantasia Parc Aquatic. We arrived around 1pm but the party didn’t really start until the loud dance music started playing around 5pm. It was amazing… there must have been at least 20,000 hot guys in there all in different types of swimwear. We danced so much under the sun until 10pm. Apparently the party kept going until 6am in the morning but we were done at 10pm so we headed home and got some rest so we could do some site seeing the next day.

We walk around the city checking out all the Gaudi architecture and all the street performers at the Ramblas. We also stop at a popular hangout at Plaza Catalunya called Cafe Zurich where we have beers and espresso. My favourite drink while in Spain is called a Clara which is beer mixed with lemon Fanta which is similar to a Shandy which is popular in the UK which is a beer mixed with ginger ale or Sprite. I love it because it’s refreshing and it takes the bitter taste away from the beer. Tired from all the walking… we decide to stay in and skip the Wednesday night party.

Thursday we head out to Port Olimpic to take the boat out in the middle of the Mediterranean but the seas were very rough so the boat was very choppy. We managed to get in a few hours of sun on the boat before we got sea sick from the erratic movement of the boat so we pull back into the harbour and head home to rest before the party tonight to see/hear Offer Nissim hit the decks, the BlackOut party which was held in a warehouse district out of the city center in a club called Razzmatazz. This club was huge because it had 4 other clubs attached to it. We managed to not stay up to late so we’re back home by 5am.

The next day I decided to stay in, rest, do some laundry and tan while my other friends went sight seeing. Because this was the last night before my friend, who were staying with, leaves for a week to Ibiza he and I go out for dinner. After dinner we head home and go to bed. Dinner is always late in Spain… usually around 10pm. So by the time dinner was over it was already 1am. My other friends decided to go to The Week which was a huge club outside of the city close to the airport and they were out until 7am.

Saturday we go into town to do a little shopping and have an early dinner at La Vaca Paca. Yum… all you can eat churrasco. We head home to rest before the big main Circuit party which was held at the Pavello Olimpic de Badalona. Peter Rauhofer is spinning this night and I love him! The music was amazing, the venue was unbelievable and the guys were beautiful. Because I had gotten a lot of good rest before this party, we were able to close it down which ended at 6am. Probably one of the best parties I’ve ever been to so I wasn’t sad that I was missing Pride back home in Vancouver. This does not even come close in magnitude.

Sunday we sleep in until about 3 or 4pm and get ready to go to Sitges for the La Leche party which was held at a club that was literally beside the sea called L’Atlantida. This venue was amazing, it was outdoor under the blazing sun and the club felt like it was a cruise ship. Several of my favourite DJs were spinning for this party like Micky Friedmann, Marco da Silva & Ana Paula. The DJs did not fail to deliver amazing dance music to keep us dancing from 7pm until 2am! Having still been very tired from the night before, we head home and call it a night. Although this wasn’t the last party, surely this was the last one for us. We were thoroughly spent by this time but it was all worth it because it was so much fun. We were able to hit up 5 of the main parties out of the 16 going on that week.

Since this was my 3rd year back in Barcelona, I didn’t need to do too much sight seeing because I’d already seen almost everything Barcelona had to offer. Many of our friends were also there the same time were so it was great to catch up with them and party as well.

  • bruin

    WTF?! you ran into your double ex-bf in Europe?

    OMG, this was an amazing update. I miss Europe so much. You had a blast! Thanks for writing and videotaping. You looked so good. holla!

  • Thanks Bruin it was tons of fun!