According to the Associated Press, singer Etta James is terminally ill. Over the past few years, she’s faced many health problems, but now sadly it looks as though the end is near for the 73-year old.

The “At Last” singer’s chronic leukemia was declared incurable two weeks ago. Her livin-in doctor, Dr. Elaine James (no relation to the singer) told The Press Enterprise the sad news. In addition to the leukemia, James has been suffering from dementia and kidney failure. I first learned of this sad news this weekend when talking to Vancouver’s most famed Drag Queen (and one of my favorites), Joan E. at a Christmas party this weekend.

You may remember that Beyonce sang Etta James’ “At Last” (one of my favorite “old” songs) at the inauguration of Barack Obama. What you may not know is that when Etta James performed at a concert in Seattle, she told people how she really felt about Beyonce singing her song: “The great Beyoncé. Like I said, she ain’t mine. … I can’t stand Beyoncé. She has no business up there, singing up there on a big ol’ president day, gonna be singing my song that I’ve been singing forever.”

Watch James performing her song (as well as Beyonce’s performance) below.

Etta James – “At Last”

Beyonce – “At Last”