Juicy Couture Presents: Eticat Lessons With Derek Blasberg

To help you get through holiday season with lots of cheer and very few tears, sartorial genius Derek Blasberg provides helpful tips on manners and etiquette for the holiday season… with the help of some of his frisky feline friends which he refers to as the “Eticats“.

Presented by Juicy Couture, the video goes through the dos and don’ts of the holiday season. Helping him out are “Classy Cat,” the epitome of style and sophistication around the holidays and “Messy Kitty,” described as a crass, tactless, egomaniac. “Ugh, she’s the worst,” Blasberg laments. Personally, I think Messy Kitty is the cutest. 🙂

Blasberg offers advice on what do think about when going to holiday parties in terms of what to bring, what to wear, and how to behave. Enjoy the “Meow-y Christmassy” video below! 😉

Juicy Couture Presents: Eticat Lessons with Derek Blasberg