Ester Dean Shows Missy Elliott ‘How You Love It’

A new year brings new promise. That’s what Ester Dean is hoping for. While the 26-year-old-singer/songwriter has produced hits for Rihanna (“Where Have You Been, “What’s My Name” & “Rude Boy”), Keri Hilson (“Lose Control”), Nicki Minaj (“Super Bass”), Katy Perry (“Firework”) and Kelly Rowland “Lay It On Me,” she hasn’t produced the same magic to churn out a hit for herself. Dean has even appeared in a hit film, Pitch Perfect, but nothing on the singing front… as of yet.

Perhaps collaborating with Missy Elliott will do the trick. Ester’s “How You Love It?” featuring the “One Minute Man” rapper leaked online earlier this week. What’s the result? An adrenaline-fueled track designed for the dance floor with some slick lyrical rhymes from Missy. Reportedly, the track will appear on Dean’s long-awaited and much-delayed debut album, Story Never Told. Check out Ester’s latest below.

Ester Dean ft. Missy Elliott ‘How You Love It’

  • Jharred

    she had a hit, Drop it Low was one of the biggest songs of the year when it came out