ESPN Presents Their 2012 Bodies We Want Issue

ESPN just unveiled the 2012 edition of their popular “Bodies We Want” issue. It’s definitely my favorite from the publication. Truth be told, it’s the only one I check out from the magazine. What can I say, I’m not a diehard sports addict. Whether you watch sporting events religiously or just the thought of sitting through a round of golf bores you to death, you’ll appreciate ESPN’s ode to the human form. Who doesn’t love looking at well-chiseled hard bodies?

Once again, they’ve rounded up athletes from various sporting disciplines. Whether they’re hitting home runs, sinking a hole in one, sailing, or riding a horse, the issue proves you can have a hot body no matter what sport you dedicate yourself to. 23-year-old New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski, received the honor of gracing the cover of the Body Issue. I don’t blame them for giving it to Gronk. That boy is one sexy “tight end“. He’s so fine.

Other athletes we’ve been fans of for several years are also included in the issue. Ashton Eaton, Danell Leyva, Carlos Bocanegra have all been featured here on previously. Check out a few of my favorite pics from the issue. I know they’ll motivate me to hit the gym harder and more regularly… like once a month 😉

Rob Gronkowski

Football Player, 23

Photographed by Peggy Sirota

Joe Bautista

Baseball Player, 31

Photographed by Peter Hapak

Carlos Bocanegra

Soccer Player, 33

Photographed by Richard Phibbs

Tim Morehouse

Fencer, 33

Photographed by Peter Hapak

Danell Leyva

Gymnast, 20

Photographed by Peter Hapak

Brad Richards

Hockey Player, 32

Photographed by Richard Phibbs

Ashton Eaton

Decathlete, 24

Photographed by Carlos Serrao

Tyson Chandler

Basketball Player, 29

Photographed by Peter Hapak

Which picture was your favorite? What other athletes do you think ESPN should feature in future editions? Sound off below. For more naked athletes in ESPN’s Body Issue, head over to

  • jis89

    Rob Gronkowski’s is my first choice loot at that body awwwh!!

  • Henry

    Gronk is soo adorable!

  • Bobby Cox

    this is an amazing cover and issue…seeing men in there prime. But makes me curious on why the readers who subscribe to espn…..guessing 80% straight men and the rest women and gay men would be intrested in seeing other straight men in this manner..sorta gay LOL! but hey i’m gay and i’m not complaining!

  • jack

    Stop showing this awesome hunk. My heart belong to the prettier and mabye less awesome hunk: Tom. His QB. Love you,Tom.

  • jack

    Rob, you better use those big muscles to protect our boy, Tom Brady. Do whatever you have to do to protect our beautiful QB!!!

  • Carlos all the way. Olé.

  • Zlatan’s Girl


  • andrew

    I think I’m in love, if Rob needs a pillow that big to cover his “junk”.