ES Collection Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Hot Men

We’re big fans of ES Collection’s line of stylish and well-made swimwear, and even bigger fans of its latest images. The Spanish brand celebrated its 5th anniversary with a new photo ad campaign. Once again, the sexy line didn’t disappoint in delivering equally as sexy images. In a seemingly endless parade of buff hot men, their leisure and swimwear line are showcased perfectly on perfectly chiseled male specimens.

Photographer Joan Cristol snapped ES Collection’s latest brief, boxers and swimwear. Considering the gloomy weather Vancouver has been experiencing this summer, these pictures make me extremely jealous of the sunshine these boys are basking in. I’m so ready to pick my ticket to where this photo shoot took place. Check out the latest images from ES Collection. You won’t be disappointed.

They seem extremely happy. I wonder how many of those drinks they’ve downed.

Awwww. How cute.

Yeah right, these boys eat this much.

I love irony of the jumbo shrimp cocktail in this pic.

Posing with food is all the latest rage these days. Remember hot army boy with the banana.

Who else heard the Piña Colada song when you saw this pic?

  • Juju

    Hoooolyyy shhhhhh…!

  • Levi The party pooper

    I think I just burnt my eyes sticking my face into the monitor.