Erika Jayne: Queen of White Party Palm Springs 2016


As you may or may not have ready in years past, I have been a huge fan of the biggest event of Spring: White Party Palm Springs. Not only is it a painful (to your tightening jeans) collection of some of the most carb starved and protein blasted, tan, beefcakes this side of Barcelona, but it’s a collection of amazing DJs and performers from yesterday and waiting still to explode. In past years we’ve seen the likes of Lady Gaga, Debbie Cox, and Ariana Grande, and this year will not disappoint as the latest and greatest little blond bombshell to hit the gays’ radar will be appearing: it’s Erika Jayne, bitch!

Erika Jayne – Painkiller

Now, I get that not EVERYONE out there is a fan of recently-slept-with-a-guy-i-know-in-seattle Andy Cohen’s Real Housewives franchise, so if I need to sell you on some other way to care about Erika, know that she’s the May to her December husband who won that Erin Brockovich case a decade or two ago. She is married to MONEY and she will wear every diamond in the display case on a night out to prove it. That said, this foxy blond is an entrepeneuse in her own right as she’s been touring and producing music for years now and making plenty bank from that.

What makes me have to meet this woman however is the absolute “I couldn’t give a fuck” attitude she brings with her everywhere she goes. Admittedly, it’s a BIT easier to have when you have millions to back it up and a sexy … well, everything, BUT she speaks her mind and doesn’t do it in anyway to judge or demean. This girl has been the number one on gays’ top housewives list as she burst into the scene this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and announced that she’d much rather be spending her time with gays than a bunch of women. Erika, you had me at hello.

Not only will she be crowned the Queen of White Party- an honour basically bestowed on that year’s best hag (which I say with all respect)- but she will be performing and I am sure it will be one of the … sultrier things this town has seen in a while (see her most recent video about for an example of how much of a wall flower this girl isn’t).

Having spoken with the men behind WPPS 2016, I’ve been told there’s been changes from the beginning to end of this weekend and that the entire thing has been re-vamped to maximize the enjoyment of everyone there. Completely remodelled layouts, Commando Military Ball, Water Park Rides, and the epic outdoor finale, sunset tea dance: this weekend has it all and now with Erika it’s got me coming too. The parties have bigger sounds, brighter shows, and the hours go alllll night and far into the next day so you better sleep for a week leading up to this cause this is not the weekend to nap and miss out a thing. Not only has the weekend been perfected, but they’re offering deals to 21-25 year olds who previously couldn’t afford the trip with the Next Generation pass! While that is not a demographic that attracts me, there is something for everyone here and I have no doubt that from April 8 – April 11, 2016, I will be having the time of my life at WPPS. Thanks to Jeffrey Sanker and the men of WPPS who show up every year and deliver on the promise of an amazing time.

See you there! (Click here for event and ticket details)

  • LittleDreamer

    I’m so excited for the new season.