No More ‘Eric van der Woodsen’ On Gossip Girl

It seems as though The CW is loosing all of there homos next season. Donovan already informed us of our favorite 9O21O character of Teddy taking a little step back. Now it looks like Gossip Girl is about to lose one of my favorite characters, Eric van der Woodsen.

If you’ve been following the upcoming ads for ABC’s Revenge, you’d notice that Connor Paolo has quite a prominent role in the series. Therefore, his new regular gig has caused him to take a step away from the Upper East Side to focus on the schedule for the new ABC thriller loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo.

So where will Eric go to fit into the story lines of Gossip Girl. In all honesty, it kind of makes sense. Connor’s character spent most of the last season floating around and finding himself in precarious situations, befriending drug dealers as such just because he was bored. We’ve known that Eric has wanted to leave the house and the family behind for a while now.

“Eric’s going to college and he’s going to stay there. He doesn’t come home for Christmas anymore.”

On Eric’s exit and the family’s reaction…
“I’m not the one to ask. I guess the future of the family is left in Josh [Safran] and Stephanie’s [Savage] ample fingers. But as of now, my schedule is dominated by ‘Revenge.’ So I don’t know that Eric’s coming back from Sarah Lawrence [College]. We’ll see.”

Despite his exit, we can feel assured knowing we’ll see lots more of Connor in the Emily VanCamp driven show. Connor plays Declan Porter and he is one of the few working class and honest characters in the show. While I am looking forward to checking out this new thriller, I can’t help but feel the concept is only a one series pony. Do you think that maybe Season 6 of G.G. will welcome Eric’s return?

  • Adam

    I have no clue how he was one of your faves haha. he was SO boring and when they did put him in he was just screwing everything up… plus the guy he ended up with was the definition of a 5 ha. i want a blair-esque mo on there! maybe a cut throat lessie ??