This Epic Wedding First Dance Will Give You All The Feels

Recently my partner of 18 years and I started talking about actually making things official. I mean we’re practically married anyway. Still, we are entertaining the thought of having a huge party to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2020. If we do, I’d love to do something like this but my man, as much as I love him, has two left feet 🙂

During their wedding reception, Noah and PJ decided to surprise their guests with an epic dance routine. They performed impeccable choreography to tunes from Miami Sound Machine, Madonna, C+C Music Factory and more. It was all capped off by paying tribute to Dirty Dancing. There was even a lift involved.

“We seriously did have “the time of our lives…” An incredible night surrounded by incredible people! Special thanks to Katy Spreadbury, Wil Nieves (Nieves Latin Dance Studio), Andrew Holtz (Holtz Wedding Photography), and the movie Ex Machina for the disco inspiration.”

Watch the charming clip below.