The Dark Knight Covers EW’s 2012 Forecast Issue

2012 is going to be the Year of the Blockbuster. This summer movie season is already filmed with highly anticipated releases including The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and The Avengers – just to name a few of course. But one of the films that couldn’t be more anticipated is the third and final instalment from Christopher Nolan’s vision, The Dark Knight Rises. So, it was only fitting that EW chose the Dark Knight himself (portrayed by Christian Bale) to cover their January 2012 forecast issue.

I mean, we all can’t wait to see Anne Hathaway portray the slinky and sultry Selena Kyle and Tom Hardy get his serious villan on in portraying Bane. And with Christian Bale in the bat suit for one last time, director Christopher Nolan promises to bring his A-game for his final effort which hits theaters on July 20. No pressure though considering that previous film grossed over $533 million four years ago and earned star Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar. EW took a set visit to Rises to chat with Nolan and Bale about the upcoming film. Caution – Spoilers Ahead!.

One of the biggest spoilers that EW has learned is that Rises will see a return to The Batcave which was not seen in The Dark Knight due to the fact that it was being rebuilt following the events of Batman Begins. Also, this third film takes place 8 years after the events of the second film. Nolan tells EW that fans should re-watch it to brush-up on key points that are catalysts for story arcs in Rises – especially when it comes to covering up the sins of Gotham City’s so-called White Knight.

Nolan also discusses the film’s potential political subtext and the question on everyone’s mind – what is with Bane’s voice? Will we all be able to understand it when the film hit’s theaters? “I think when people see the film, things will come into focus,” says the director. “Bane is very complex and very interesting and when people see the finished film people will be very entertained by him.” While that doesn’t really answer the questions, speculations online suggest that Nolan gave in to critical pressure and is having Bane’s voice remastered. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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