Enrique Iglesias Flaunts His Abs & Butt In His ‘Finally Found You’ Music Video

Who says you can’t find love in da club (besides Usher of course)? Enrique Iglesias defied all the odds and finds his true love underneath flashing laser lights. Actually, the 37-year-old bumps into his childhood sweetheart at the nightclub. Wasting no time, Enrique gets his groove on immediately on the spot. There’s a lot of ass grabbing and steamy soft core moments. Eventually, the action moves to the bedroom where we see Iglesias’ sexy body. Not surprisingly, after “finally finding” his true love, he leaves her once he’s had his fun. Total douche 😉 LOL.

Filmed in Los Angeles, the “Finally Found You” music video was directed by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Rising rapper Sammy Adams joins in on the fun and provides a rap interlude. I must say the 25-year-old is looking sexier by the day. I especially love the untied bowtie white dress shirt look. “Finally Found You” is the lead single off the Spanish singer’s tenth studio album which will be a bilingual one. The track has so far peaked at No. 24 but has fallen since. I’m sure this sexy new clip will give the single new life on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Check it out below.

Enrique Iglesias ft. Sammy Adams ‘Finally Found You’ Music Video

Didn’t Enrique look smokin’ hot in the music video? I can only imagine what his real sex tape would look like (SIGH). What do you think of the clip and the song? What’s your favorite Iglesias track? And how cute is Sammy Adams? Sound off below.

  • Chino Copuyoc

    He sure does!

  • Gabriel Muse

    Please, name of little enrique! boy in that video is cute!

  • febi ghela

    I really want to know the lil boy’s name in Enrique’s music video, he’s so cute n hot! <3 please…i beg u…pretty please with a cherry on top! 🙂