Who knew Oklahoma was so progressive? I certainly didn’t. First of, I had no idea they even had an openly gay member in the state legislature. State Rep. Al McAffrey was elected to the House of Representatives back in 2006. He was then reelected in 2010. In a special election for a Senate position, McAffrey won and became the first openly gay state Senator. Two snaps. McAffrey replaces Senator Andrew Rice who resigned in October 2011.

“Al’s election to the State Senate is another milestone for LGBT Oklahomans, and we are proud to support his campaign,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  ”There are still a number of states that have never elected any openly LGBT state legislators, so Oklahoma can be proud that Al has been elected to both the House and the Senate.”

Every year, numerous couples vie for a chance to have their own “Sleepless In Seattle” moment and marry atop the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. With New York recently passing gay marriage, the annual tradition included a lesbian and gay couple saying “I Do” for the first time at the iconic New York landmark. Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur of Alaska and New Yorkers Shawn Klein and Phil Fung were the lucky lovers who tied the know overlooking New York’s majestic skyline. They were two of four couples selected from hundreds of applicants who submitted a video pleading their case to win the honor.

Klein (51) and Fung (49) met over 18 years ago at the infamous Manhattan nightclub, the Roxy. Who says a club hook up can’t lead to a long-lasting relationship? “It was love at first sight,” said Fung. “We have been talking about getting married now that gay marriage was passed in New York state and friends of ours told us about the contest.” Fung is a product manager at a financial services firm while Klein is a hospital administrator. Watch their nuptials below.