The current season of ABC’s The Bacherlorette hasn’t even finished yet but already it’s looking like Emily Maynard is being tapped to fill Ashley’s shoes the next time around. To be honest, I smelled this coming from a mile away after her very public split from her season’s bachelor, Brad Womack. That and I’m sure ABC got a ton of hate mail for picking Ashley over Emily (even though Emily won and was attached to Brad at the time of casting).

If you recall the last season of The Bachelor, Brad Womack was attempting a second chance at love and proposed to southern belle Emily. However when the finale hit, it seemed as though the two were already headed down the path of destruction. And then, just as quickly as it started, it fell apart when Emily gave the ring back to Brad staking the claim that it was officially over.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Emily stated that “just because we love each other doesn’t mean we’re right for each other.” However, she does admit the sudden halt to the relationship was entirely her fault. It’s really too bad because as we watched during the season, her daughter Ricki had really opened up to Brad and he was also trying really hard to show love and compassion towards her. A family man. How attractive right?

While the deal may not yet be signed on the dotted line, a source close to the show revealed that it’s practically a done deal. They also revealed that Emily is hoping the spotlight afforded from the show will help kick start her career in broadcast journalism. She wants to be famous. Oh brother. That’s annoying.

Lucky for us who live vicariously through the lives of these people, Emily will reveal all the juicy details of her break up with Brad to Chris Harrison on the July 11th episode of The Bachelorette. What I really want to know is where is Brad Womack in all of this? The poor was going to therapy and was working real hard at finding the one for him and then Emily went and broke his heart. Ugh. What a bitch. I hope she has a good reason because I really liked Brad the second time around, despite how boring he was.