Last night on The Bachelorette, we were treated to an interview from former Bachelor contestant Emily Maynard. While she may have won Brad’s final rose and was proposed to, most fans of the show saw trouble coming from a mile away when the two were overwhelmingly uncomfortable during their on-camera interview with host Chris Harrison.

Now after all of the speculation, rumors and articles, Emily is finally sitting down with Chris to talk about what really happened. However, I feel like this interview is just beating a dead horse, no? We know it’s over, we know Emily screwed it up because she’s a commit-a-phobe, do we really need to hear her go on and on about it? Also, if she is indeed the next Bachelorette, then I’ll be the most annoyed with her season as the way she portrayed herself in this interview was less than exciting. I digress. Let’s learn what really happened between Brad and Emily.

As soon as Emily arrives at the house and is greeted by Chris, she is overcome with emotion, reliving memories from her season even referring to the house multiple times in her interview. She recalls excitement about cocktail parties and rose ceremonies and how excited she was for dates. But, it’s when we get down to the heart of the matter that she really breaks down.

Emily explains that there were little red flags that popped up in their relationship that caused them to take a detour. She explains that even though they loved each other very much, that it didn’t seem to be enough. She explains how she was going to try and get an apartment with her and her daughter Ricki in Dallas to be with Brad. However, she never felt like she got the reassurance from him that he would still want to be with her.

She goes on to explain that when you are a single party, you can just figure things out as you go along but when you have a young daughter, you have to plan ahead. It seems like all of that ‘what if’ and second guessing the relationship is what ultimately caused the demise from these two. While the two still remain close and even “text often”, it doesn’t look like these two getting back together is in the cards.

When it comes to the fame that has come from the show, Emily explains how weird it is. She says that cameramen will wait outside of her house all day long just to try and capture a photo of her going to the grocery store. Emily explains that talking to Ricki about fame isn’t always an easy task, especially when she is 5 years old and doesn’t know what the Bachelor is.

What did you think of Emily’s interview on last night’s Bachelorette?