When you post photos on your personal Facebook page, I’m sure the last thing you think is, “I sure hope Ellen doesn’t reveal these on her show…” Be careful what you wish for. Ellen recently added a new segment to her weekly show titled, “You Posted That On Facebook” where she picks an incriminating photo from an audience member’s Facebook page and shares it with everyone. If you think that sounds a tad embarrassing, you thought right.

In this past week’s segment, Ellen picked 4 pictures. The first, pictured above, belongs to the young man in the photo who states he was dressed up as Adam for Halloween. Wait until you see what his Eve looked like. Ellen also shows a female audience member who was photographed taking pole dancing classes. My favorite part is when Ellen announces that if anyone needs change or singles, she’ll probably have some. The best photo though is saved for last. I’m not going to ruin it for you so check out the full segment below.

The Ellen Show, “You Posted THAT On Facebook”