Ellen DeGeneres Returns To Stand-Up For Netflix Special ‘Relatable’

Everyone’s favorite Ellen won’t be using her daytime voice in this one, but don’t expect Amy Schumer raunchy-type humor either. Just saying 😉

After 15 years, Ellen DeGeneres returns to where it all started- stand-up. Why come back after all these years? Probably the fact Netflix shelled out a whopping $20 million. She’s the first and only female comedian to command such a sum for a single stand-up set.

“A friend of mine was at my house, and I told him I’m gonna do stand up again, and he said ‘Really…do you think you’re still relatable?’ Just then, but two of my butlers stepped into the library,” she jokes in the trailer.

Relatable was filmed in Seattle this past August and will drop on Netflix on December 18. Check out the trailer below. My favorite joke comes at the end regarding flights.

Ellen DeGeneres ‘Relatable’ Netflix Trailer

  • Fred

    I haven’t found Ellen funny in years, or her talk show.