Ellen DeGeneres Shares A Montage Of People Making Her Laugh

Ellen DeGeneres recently aired her 1600th episode and one of the ways she wanted to celebrate was to show a montage of some of her favorite moments where people have made her laugh hysterically.

To be more specific, these are the celebrities that she interviews that are making her laugh. This montage is all about members of her staff, people from the audience, and those people that have helped her pull off hidden camera pranks where they have to say what Ellen says to them in their ear piece. I’ve said it before, but one of my favorite things is seeing comedians lose their sh*t and laugh themselves.

One of my favorite parts is when Ellen has someone working at a Starbucks drive-thru say to a customer through the speaker, “Oh, I just ate so much chocolate… I’m full.” To everyone’s surprise, the guy responds, “I just smoked so much weed…” LOL!! Ellen just dies of laugher. Watch the hilarious video below.

Favorite Moments: Making Ellen Laugh

  • Mika jean-Michel

    Hi ,Ellen I like all your favorite moment , the one I like most are the snake, And the one with you and Potia I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • Karen Lund

    Ellen,I love all of your pranks. “Dennis quaid iis here” and “David Beckham only thumbs” are my favorite. Your show is my#1 choice and I can’t wait to hopefully take my mother to see you in your audience some day, she has been asking me to get tickets for many years now.