Ever wonder what Ellen DeGeneres looks like in a dress? Well, wonder no more. Usually, Ellen’s other half Portia de Rossi is decked out in a floor length gown. We’re so used to seeing the daytime talk show host in pants, vests, sneakers and blazers that picturing her in anything else, let alone a prom dress and heels, is unimaginable. Check out a high school picture of her taken circa 1976. She sorta resembles a young Jodie Foster, especially with that hairdo. Speaking of hairstyles, check out the one on her hot prom date. WOOF. He’s kinda sexy. I wonder what he looks like today.

Ellen looks pretty fly in her plaid dress, don’t you think? I think she should get her talk show’s wardrobe department to replicate the dress so she can wear it on an upcoming episode. Have you checked out your old prom pictures? Would you be devastated if they appeared online? Sound off below.

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