Elise Estrada’s latest music video has been released and it features Homorazzi’s own Jonny Staub as the jerk boyfriend. The song is called One Last Time and it is the 7th single off of her debut album, having had the other 6 reach Top 10 status and two #1’s!

Jonny is the douche in the video, as the two live the fabulous life, but have their share of problems. Jonny is constantly texting other girls, while Elise competes for his attention. The chorus says, “I just can’t make you love me.” Um, Elise, I hate to break it to you but Jonny plays for the other team. That’s why you can’t make him love you.

We interviewed Elise Estrada at the Junos a few months back. We also watched her perform. Very sweet and very talented. Elise is also going to be hosting a new TV show on Much Music called Love Court, debuting on August 28th. This show actually looks quite funny…kinda like Video on Trial, but for dating. A couple is selected to go on a date, but what they don’t know is that a panel of comedian judges are watching their every move and judging their dating skills. At the end of the date, one will be found guilty of crimes against love and sent to the love lockdown.

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