Elisabetta Canalis Thinks She Can Dance

It’s a good thing she’s smokin’ hot, because Elisabetta Canalis’ dancing is “non va bene” (Italian for not good). The 32-year-old Italian stunner, who’s currently dating George Clooney, recently performed, and I use that word loosely, a dance number to Ciara’s “Like A Boy”. The performance was for the 61st Italian Music Festival at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo, Italy.

Canalis wore a sexy outfit complemented with a top hat and tuxedo tails while doing her best impression of a hip hop music video girl. Throughout the entire performance, she seemed either a beat faster or slower than her backup dancers. Speaking of which, Valerio whom she introduces later is one sexy mofo. I’d ravage his cannelloni in a minute. Ahhhh, I digress.

If a North American actress had performed this, she would’ve been eaten alive by the press and blogsphere. You have to watch this cringeworthy performance. No joke, I feltsecondhand embarrassment just watching it. Poor, girl. Oh well, at least she’s hot. If it’s true what they say about dancing skills being directly related to your lovemaking skills, I fear for George Clooney’s penis.

Elisabetta Canalis “Like A Boy” Dance Performance @ Italian Song Festival

So what’s your verdict? Guilty of being rhythmically challenged in the first degree? Ironically enough, I read somewhere, she got her start in the Italian entertainment industry as a dancer first, before modeling or acting.

  • Kev

    Think about proofreading before you publish. I saw at least 4 errors just skimming through.