My Latest YouTube Sensation… Meet Eli Lieb

He might not have a million views yet, so not a “sensation” yet, but I can’t get enough of singer/songwriter Eli Lieb. I first discovered him after going to a GREAT Robyn concert a couple months ago. I was singing her songs for days. Totally obsessed. So, I started searching for covers on YouTube and stumbled across Mr. Lieb. Hello!

His cover of Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’ was one of the best I’ve heard. It didn’t hurt that he’s cute as hell and stares right through the camera with beautiful flirty eyes. Sigh. Since I first discovered it, I’ve posted it on Facebook (a few times!) and have even been known to break it out on my iPhone at parties for others to enjoy. He definitely deserves the attention.

Check out Hang With Me. I dare you to disagree.

After discovering that cover, I started flipping though his other songs. Obviously, there is a Firework cover because everyone is doing Katy Perry covers! It’s pretty good too. He also has a good one of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. It’s about a year old. I would LOVE to see him redo it with the new equipment he has obviously invested in. It is such a great song.

What I especially like about Eli are the two original songs he has posted. Tidal Waves and Place of Paradise are both great songs. They’re well produced, written, and of course, performed. So good that I actually went to iTunes, dropped my 99 cents a piece, and bought them. You should too.

Check out Tidal Waves and Place of Paradise below.

You can buy these two songs on iTunes at by clicking here.

You can also follow Eli on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Just click the links!