Eli Lieb’s “Young Love” Music Video A Must-Watch

Steve Grand maybe the gay singer du jour, but there’s another LGBT singer worth giving some love. We’ve been fans of Eli Lieb for years. From his YouTube covers to his debut album, Lieb has always hit the right notes with us. With his “Young Love” music video, our fascination with him has transformed to pure obsession. It features his first-ever on-screen kiss. How does one exactly sign up for the gig to star opposite him 😉

“I didn’t set out to make a righteous statement with this video. I always live my life completely authentically without any fear of what others might think. I find true happiness comes with that kind of honest acceptance of oneself. It just so happens that one of my many characteristics is that I am gay. When it came time to shoot a video to this love song, I of course had stay true to who I am in order to tell that story: I didn’t flinch for a second. I hope that this video will help other people live their lives to the fullest: never out of fear and always toward love.” – Eli Lieb

Ahhhhhh, remember young love? Isn’t it the best thing? That feeling of always wanting to be around with someone and spending every waking moment with them is priceless. The Geoff Boothby-directed clip perfectly captures that magical time in all our lives, whether straight or gay. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, it’s definitely a must-watch. Enjoy it below.

Eli Lieb ‘Young Love’ Music Video

  • André Dias

    I feel kinda bad for needing to say this: I knew it! My gaydar was all over the place with this guy! lol I was notified about the video on my subscriptions but I hasn’t checked it yet. In truthfulness, I didn’t like his latest originals. I was embracing myself to another disappointment but I actually love this one 😀

  • Steven

    Such a great video and song!

  • Patrick Sean

    Andre? You knew it? He has never been closeted. He has always been out and open and unlike Steve “One hit porn wonder” Grand-Starfish-FinnDiesel he has real talent and substance, actual albums, credibility and maturity.

  • zurvivor

    Hey isnt that Aaron Milo from the Eating Out 4 and 5?

  • André Dias

    Patrick, I wasn’t really looking into it, trying to figure it out. I just watched his music. Didn’t say he was trying to hide anything, anytime.