Rising Artist Spotlight: Eli Lieb

Yesterday, I received a message via Twitter to check out Eli Lieb. I was so pleasantly surprised by this guys talent that I decided to feature him in a Rising Artist Spotlight. Unlike a lot of artists out there for public consumption powered by the bigger machine, Eli opted to produce his full-length album on his own simply titled, Eli Lieb. If you like OneRepublic, Robyn or Imogen Heap, then you will love the melodic and cinematic sounds of Eli Lieb.

In Eli’s ten years of living in New York, Lieb took the songwriting scene by storm immediately spring-boarding his music career. After his first performance at Sidewalk Café, he was immediately swooped into meetings with label execs and top producers. However, Eli put on the brakes and retreated to his hometown of Fairfield, Iowa. It was in this rural refuge where Eli was able to write one of this year’s most exciting club-beat driven albums from his own musical instincts.

Eli says that Transcendental Meditation also helped in the creation of the album. Raised in an environment in which he practiced daily, he was taught as a child and has been meditating daily since. Eli describes it as a very different upbringing, which he is entirely grateful for: “meditation allows me to go through life with positivity and joy and makes me feel a deep connection to the underlying currents that we are all a part of.” The results? A debut album full tracks that are full of candid lyrics & hand-crafted production that is sure to please any music lovers ear. Check out Eli’s videos and tracks below.

Eli Lieb, “Place of Paradise”

Eli Lieb, “Tightrope”

Eli Lieb, “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman Cover)

Eli Lieb, “Inside Out” (Britney Spears Cover)

You can keep up with Eli Lieb at the following places:

  • Scott

    Great review, Tyrell! Here’s hoping that his career skyrockets like he deserves.

  • Joey

    OMG! Thank you for sharing. He’s glorious!

  • Tyler Robert

    Damn, great singer and good looking… I like!

  • SteveDenver

    Very handsome guy, of all the posts I prefer the live version of Fast Car: his voice is strong and unique, he doesn’t need big beats or production.