Not too long ago, I shared with you probably the scariest prank I had ever scene, with a scary ghost girl terrorizing people trapped in an elevator. Well, the same Brazilian show hosted by Silvio Santos has done it again. This one is even scarier and the people absolutely lose their sh*t.

A crew of men load a coffin into an elevator, while unsuspecting people wait patiently to head up to their floor. Running back to get some flowers, the crew “accidentally” don’t make it into the elevator and the prank victims end up traveling in the elevator by themselves…with a random coffin. Partway through, the elevator gets stuck and shortly after, the corpse falls halfway out of the coffin. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wakes up moments later and scares the people half to death.

This show has absolutely pushed the boundaries on pranks and have likely scarred all of these people for life. LOL. Enjoy the video below!

Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank In Brazil