Attention Edmonton gays! There is a new club in town and its ready to make its mark as ‘Edmonton’s Hottest Gay Club’. I had the privilege of attending the opening last night and got a chance to speak to the owners. Here’s my two cents.

Flash Night Club is located in downtown Edmonton at 10018 105th St, just south of Jasper Avenue. This venue used to be an after-hours club titled Twilight before new management bought the property only a short two weeks ago. Flash will be Edmonton’s 4th Gay “nite club” joining the ranks of Prism (Primarily Lesbian), Play and Buddy’s.

I spoke to both Simon and Jeannine (managers and owners) who were busy mingling with the crowd. Both were so excited to see the house packed. Simon told me that this was such a quick flip and was even applying finishing touches up until 2 hours prior to opening. With only one week of promotion, the small but open club was filled with wall to wall excitement as the DJ played remixes of golden oldies and new faves.

Simon told me the concept of the club was to bring a little New York and LA into the Edmonton club scene and the decor doesn’t disappoint. The two bars are fronted with a beautiful stone/slate and black bar tops. Large flat screen TV’s line the club playing the latest music videos. There is a side area full of booths and bar tables with stools right next to the dance floor allowing you to sit and relax but not be too far away from the action. A large VIP area at the back of the bar is fully sectioned off with big leather couches and seems like a great place to chill. Again, right off the dance floor and not far from the action. Bar tenders were speedy with their service and I never waited longer than 2 minutes to get my next drink (highballs were $4 on special which will be their weekend offering).

From what I could read from the people around me, everyone seemed relaxed in the environment and was loving the music provided by DJ D3VIANT. The venue is smaller than your average club. However, the intimate setting provides and nice close atmosphere which feels good when you are partying with a smaller group of friends. I also think that this venue would be perfect for rentals during the week for business functions are large parties.

With the open concept and lounge areas, great music and bar service this club will soon be a great Friday/Saturday hot spot.

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Submitted by: Tyrell W.

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