Eddie Cibrian Gets All Wet For Charisma Towels

Back in the fall, hottie and former star of The Playboy Club, Eddie Cibrian became the new model & spokesperson for home wear company Charisma. The first campaign was focussed on the Charisma Linens. Now, Cibrian gets wet with Charisma Towels.

The 38-year old looks so hot in the photos for the Spring 2012 campaign for the line. Shot on the set of a private residence in LA, a shirtless Cibrian is photographed drying off with the towels after taking a dip and swimming in the pool. There are also a shot of him in a tub, with the towels within his reach to dry his naked body… and there goes my imagination.

Enjoy the sexy pictures of LeAnn Rimes‘ husband below! Find Charisma exclusively at Bloomingdales.