Ed Sheeran Reveals Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ Was Originally Titled ‘F**k Yourself’ When He Wrote It For Another Artist

Next to “Sorry,” “Love Yourself” is my next favorite cut off Purpose. Had Ed Sheeran not given it to Justin Bieber, I would’ve lost a major player in the soundtrack of my life for 2016. I have so many memories associated with that acoustic ballad.

The 26-year-old English singer-songwriter just dropped a bombshell about the smash hit. If things had gone differently, “Love Yourself,” would’ve gone to someone else and with another title to boot.

During a recent visit on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, Sheeran reveals the lyrics were different when he first penned the track. “If you like the way you look that much, well baby you should go and f**k yourself,” Ed discloses to Howard. Given the more explicit tone of the song, the redheaded singer reveals he had Rihanna in mind while writing it. You know what… I agree. RiRi is probably the only one who could get away with those lyrics without sounding too vulgar.

As surprising as those revelations are, the most shocking tidbit Sheeran dropped was that he didn’t think “Love Yourself” was a hit song when he wrote it. He thought the same for “Shape Of You” as well, which currently is on a six-week streak on top of the Billboard Hot 100. Talented songwriter but not much of a clairvoyant.

Listen to Sheeran’s informative interview below.