Given his discography of folk ballads including “The A Team” and “Lego House” (love that song), the last thing you’d expect from Ed Sheeran is to know all the lyrics for a Britney Spears track. Not just any either, but “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” The adorable 22-year-old Brit does a wicked job of covering her breakout hit. Spears would be proud.

Not only does he sing the verses beautifully, but dude drops a wicked freestyle rap. Seriously. Who knew Sheeran had such swagger? He masterfully puts his songwriting skills to work by rhyming “mustache” with “bus pass” and “must last” on the fly. His performance in the hallway of NYC radio station Z100 is a definite must-watch. Check it out below.

Ed Sheeran Covers Britney Spears