Ed Sheeran & Beyonce Team Up For ‘Perfect’ Duet

When Ed Sheeran claimed he wrote a ballad better than his massive hit “Thinking Out Loud,” I didn’t believe him. Talk about lofty expectations. “Perfect” is great and all, but “Thinking Out Loud” is my favorite of the two. Well, that all changed the second the 26-year-old English singer surprised everyone with this new version featuring Beyonce.

MIND BLOWN!!! To put it simply, this duet version is fantastic. The acoustic arrangement and Bey’s vocals really elevate the track. It gives it a much more gentle and heartwarming touch.

Beyonce sure is in a collaboration mood these days. This marks her third joint venture in weeks, following “Mi Gente” with J. Balvin and “Walk On Water” with Eminem. Here’s hoping she keeps them coming. Each collabo has been better than the one before it. Give her latest duet a listen below.

Ed Sheeran & Beyonce ‘Perfect’ Duet

  • Nozuka

    i actually prefer the solo version. i like the way ed sheeran “dances” with the lyrics around the melody much better. (hard to describe, don’t remember the the technical term for it) her wording felt off to me.

    she did a good job though. she rarely sings this softly.