Eating Out: The Open Weekend

Uh oh, sounds like trouble! Gay movie franchise, “Eating Out” is back with it’s fifth instalment, titled “Eating Out: The Open Weekend” I’m sure you can decipher from the title what the scenario is for this film, but I’ll explain exactly how this goes down.

Zach (hottie Chris Salvatore) and his new boyfriend Benji (Aaron Milo) are heading off on vacation to an all-male resort in Palm Springs with their friend Lily (Harmony Santana). Since they’re away at a place with so many hot men that they’ll never see again, Benji proposes to Zach… (no, no… not that kind of propose)… that they have an “open relationship” for the weekend. Zach isn’t too keen on the idea, but wants to make Benji (who isn’t ready to limit himself sexually) happy.

To complicate things, Zach’s ex Casey (Daniel Skelton) shows up at the same resort with his friend Penny, only to learn that Zach is there. Going into panic mode, he decides to get a guy (Michael Varato) pretend to be his boyfriend to make it appear that he had no trouble moving on. A recipe for disaster, it looks like this tropical getaway isn’t what they all had expected it to be. Most importantly, there’s a lot of eye candy, so feast your eyes on the trailer below.

  • Arturo

    What? a fifth installment?
    I thought they just released the fourth one. Since these movies are not show in the theater. where can i watch them???

  • Oliver

    Except for the second part, all of the EATING OUT films were shallow and simply not funny. What a waste of money!

  • Perry P

    The acting is awful.

  • adam a

    “Oh My God, a gay guy is acting slutty, clall TMZ” from the mouth of babes : )