Earworm Releases First Original Track ‘Drone’


Jordan Roseman aka DJ Earworm is best known for his amazing annual United State of Pop mashups featuring the year’s biggest hits. The San Francisco-based mashup extraordinaire is heading towards uncharted territory. He just released his first original song, titled “Drone.” Here’s what he told Billboard about the track.

“I wrote and produced ‘Drone,’ the first of many original songs I’m releasing independently on my record label Earworm Music Group. My fans know me primarily for my annual United State of Pop mash-ups, so I’m really excited to finally share my original music with them.”

Fittingly, for the lyric clip, he includes footage he captured with actual drones as they soared high above California. Overall, the song isn’t half bad. The beat is hypnotic and seductive but the hook isn’t catchy enough, IMHO. Not exactly sure whose voice is featured on the track. Earworm doesn’t provide details and simply credits ‘anonymous‘ on the lyric clip. Give “Drone” a listen below

Earworm ‘Drone’ Lyric Video