Last night, the newly rebranded E! Network debuted their newest reality show, “Opening Act.” The hour long docudrama is brought to us by FOX’s favorite reality producer, Nigel Lythgoe and follows the following premise. Nigel and his group and music makers including Jason Derulo and Martina McBride, scour the internet and YouTube for the next talented act to open for one of today’s biggest artists.

For the series premiere, the show debuted Arielle, a small town girl from Texas with a voice like Adele. After being ambushed at a local coffee shop, she was flown to LA to prepare to open for Rod Stewart during an engagement at Caesar’s Palace. At first introduction, I thought Arielle was pretty talented. When she plays her own song she’d like to present as a candidate to open with, the panel decides against it and instead, gives her a song produced by Rock Mafia intended originally for Selena Gomez. It sounds great but, it lacked the real emotion of her original piece.

Once in LA, she is thrown into a crazy, five-day rehearsal process with producers, music directors and vocal coaches. While the series premiere proved to be a little bland, the preview for next week’s episode seems to provide a little more excitement along with the weeks to come. Artists that will provide an opening act slot include Brad Paisley, Gym Class Heroes and more. Check out a few clips from last night’s show along with a preview of episodes and opening acts to come.

Opening Act: Dreams Come True

Opening Act: Opening Emotions

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Did you tune in to “Opening Act” last night? What did you think? While I think it’s a unique spin on a singing reality show, it definitely shows that not everyone on YouTube with a talent has the star power to stand beside one of today’s top artists.