Dylan Rosser Previews His Most Intimate Book Yet, Naked Ibiza


Some people really get the short end of the stick don’t they? Must be difficult to leave London to live in Ibiza to photograph insanely handsome men in the nude all year long. Hard life… NOT!!!

“After visiting Ibiza regularly since 2000, I decided to leave London for it, with the intention of photographing models outdoors in nature, something that was new to me after primarily indoor studio work. I wanted to work with more models in different locations at different times of the year to provide a more vivid picture of this Mediterranean island paradise. I have so much beautiful material to share and your support will allow me to bring it to life in my biggest book yet.” – Dylan Rosser

The hardcover photo book will feature 40-50 insanely hot models, ranging from muscled professional body builders to lean athletic guys. Check out three NSFW preview clips of Naked Ibiza below. Be sure to have a glass of water handy. I promise, you’ll be extremely thirsty after viewing them.

  • bannock-hou

    I love the beach!!