DWV Debut Blurred Bynes Video

They are BACK!

Detox, Willam & Vicky the super popular super talented drag queen girl group (that’s a mouthful) are back and just in time! Coming off their 3rd parody “Silicone” (a parody of Robyn’s Dancing on my Own) the trio decide to take on the summer’s biggest hit… with a twist!

No doubt this year one of the biggest headline stealers was Amanda Bynes, and they mashed up her story with the biggest song of the year. Naturally it’s hysterical. I LOVE these three they really are super funny and incredibly talented. Check out “BLURRED BYNES” below!

Blurred Bynes by DWV (Detox, Willam & Vicky Vox)

  • Brian

    Sooo.. these girls have become the new Weird Al Yankovic in their reVAMPing of current songs.
    Still, that was lol.

  • Leon Walker

    Who was the extremely hot blonde guy holding a goat…..

  • Its @MikeMunich on twitter.

  • Jeff

    How is making fun of someone suffering from a debilitating mental illness, like Bynes, “hilarious”?

    This is gross. How about a video that pokes fun of someone hospitalized with cancer? Wouldn’t that be great laughs?


  • VanCity

    chill out jeff.

  • Who is the sexy dark haired model (:. #Yum