DWTS Season 16: Week 1 Performances

After watching the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, I feel content with the predictions I made prior to the first telecast. Most of the celebrities performed as I thought they would with a couple notable exceptions. Both Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd impressed and entertained with their debut performances. That said, I still think they’re going to be eliminated within the first five weeks.

The stars had to dance either a cha cha cha, a foxtrot or a contemporary on the first night. With no results show until Tuesday, March 26, all of them get a second chance to impress viewers next Monday. Check out all the performances below and find out which ones were my three favorites and worst pick.

Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Week 1

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough

The American Idol alum certainly set the bar high with her cha cha cha. It was fun and flirty and the perfect way to show audiences what she’s capable of. Given that she was first, I felt she was underscored with her 21. Pickler isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She’s destined for the finals.

Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold

The boxer surprised me with his musicality. Much better than I would’ve expected. His heartwarming backstory will certainly tug viewers’ heartstrings. Suprisingly, the weak link here is his professional partner Lindsay. I was a fan of hers during SYTYCD, but tonight she felt devoid of any personality. I’m chalking it up to first round jitters. After all, it was her debut as well. Ortiz earned a 18 for his foxtrot.

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson

I want to be him when I grow up. Paddleboarding in Hawaii and having adorable kids. What’s not to love about that? As glad as I was to see contemporary on the show, I wish Ingo would’ve received a fox trot instead. I just didn’t feel his connection with Kym nor the music with this piece. A 20 was generous IMHO.

Lisa Vanderpump & Gleb Savchenko

Len called it perfectly that it was “acceptable,” but not “exceptional.” I was and am rooting for Lisa, but she needs to get rid of the nerves if is she wants to advance. The RHOBH star has no shot of winning, but I want her to last long enough to perform a routine that requires her sexy professional partner to be shirtless. That Gleb is one hot Russian. As he said, he’s bringing sexy back. I think I have a new Man Crush. Her score of 18 places her near the bottom of the group.

D.L. Hughley & Cheryl Burke

DL was surprisingly stiff. I expected more from a brother with a cha cha cha. Personally, I’m okay with him sucking. He’s one of the stars I predicted would be the first to leave. His 12 certainly points to his departure next week.

Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy

The 16-year-old impressed me with her debut. I’m officially a fan. Val proved he could choreograph a number that’s not all about sex. This contemporary routine was definitely age-appropriate. Zendaya earned the highest score of the night- a 24. PS. Loved Val’s yellow shoes.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd

Even though he danced like a bit of an oaf, I’m still a fan. Sean gave it his all and really tried. If he loosens up, I can see him improving drastically. Although I’m a fan of that goofy grin, he needs to tone it down. Love him, but I think he was overscored with a 19 for his foxtrot. As a side note, did anyone else think his awkward pelvic thrusts were kinda sexy? Next week, Peta needs to show off his muscles to ensure they survive the first elimination. Sex sells.

Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas

She maybe a gymnast like Shawn Johnson, but Aly comes off more like Bristol Palin, especially with that sourpuss face. She was stiffer than I thought she’d be. If Raisman wants to advance, she needs to bring more personality even when the camera isn’t focused on her. If you paid close attention, Aly often looked annoyed in the background during other stars’ interviews with Brooke Burke. Her 21 for her cha cha cha was on point.

Dorothy Hamill & Tristan Macmanus

Can we just have a moment of silence for how cute Tristan is? He’s one adorable Irishman. Where was he during my St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Hamill’s elegant contemporary earned a 21. When you compare it to Kellie Pickler’s performance, you can see why I thought Kelly was underscored.

Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani

The country legend was much more vibrant than I thought she’d be. That said, I agree with the judges that she was a tad too careful. Her cha cha cha reminded me a bit of Kirstie Alley’s debut. A score of 18 was well deserved. Hopefully, in the coming weeks her mom Naomi tones down the crying. Once is cute and sweet, but a weekly viewing could get irritating fast. Great to see that sister Ashley was there to support.

Andy Dick & Sharna Burgess

Andy had moments of sophistication but lacked fluidity. I agree with Bruno that it was entertaining in a quirky Woody Allen way. Given his breakdown during his rehearsals, I expected far worse. A 17 was about right for his foxtrot.

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff

With only a week to practice because of knee surgery, Jacoby did decently well. As everyone knows, the show is about viewer votes as well. Despite lacking in technical skills, Jones sold every move like his life depended on it. As Carrie Ann commented, it was like a medley of his touchdown dances. Jacoby garnered a 20 for his cha cha cha.

Top 3 Dances

Zendaya’s contemporary was easily the best of the night. Rounding out my Top 3 are Victor Cruz’s foxtrot and Wynonna Judd’s cha cha cha. They weren’t the best technically, but I enjoyed them both. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t expect much.

Worst Performance

Hands down, D.L. Hughley earns this dishonorable title. Dude needs to commit more if he wants to stay in the competition.

Did you watch DWTS Season 16’s premiere? Who surprised you? Which ones disappointed you? Care to make any Final 3 predictions? With the first night jitters out of the way, I can’t wait to see how all the stars bring it next week. Sound off below.