DWTS Season 16: Predicting The Final Three

After going with an All-Stars edition, Dancing With The Stars is going back to basics for Season 16. While I enjoyed seeing returning favorites, I’m looking forward to tonight’s season premiere. While the star wattage isn’t as high as in previous seasons, I already have a few people I’m rooting for. Lisa Vanderpump, I’m talking about you.

Getting a first look at the “celebrities” with their professional partners is always exciting to watch. While I do enjoy witnessing the trainwrecks, I’m more stoked to see who comes bursting out of the gates gunning for the mirrorball trophy. Check out my predictions on how Season 16’s stars will fare.

The Early Boots

Without a doubt, Andy Dick will be one of the first to go. I just can’t see the 47-year-old comedian having any sort of rhythm. Former ABC sitcom star DL Hughley might have some dancing prowess, but don’t think he has the fan base to support him. Speaking of fans, everyone knows that country music has diehard ones. Normally I would put Wynonna Judd higher, but with Kellie Pickler also in the competition, I think Judd will suffer and be ousted early.

Also in this bunch is my favorite Lisa Vanderpump. While popular with Housewives addicts (myself included), she probably isn’t well known outside the Bravo universe. Hopefully her signature wit and sass will win over new fans quickly. Last in this list is boxer Victor Ortiz. I’m sure when it comes to demographics, there isn’t much crossover between DWTS and boxing watchers. His chances aren’t helped by being saddled with new professional, Lindsay Arnold either. I thoroughly believe, viewers also vote for their favorite pros.

Middle of The Pack

Based on previous seasons, I predict these four will do well in the competition. Olympians tend to go far which bodes well for both Aly Raisman and Dorothy Hamill. Raisman, unfortunately, will fall short because being partnered with Derek Hough will remind audiences too much of Shawn Johnson. A been there, done that before sentiment might arise. While Kristi Yamaguchi won her season, I don’t think Hamill will duplicate her success. Older women (50+) don’t win unless they’ve starred in a beloved film like Dirty Dancing.

As anyone knows, soap fans are among the most loyal in the world. DWTS has already been won by two soap stars– Kelly Monaco and J.R. Martinez. Even if Ingo Rademacher sucks, he’ll last the first few weeks for sure. Last in this group is Zendaya. Like everyone else from Disney, she’s probably a triple threat. She’s on the young side, so Val needs to be careful not to push too much sexual content her way.

Final 3 Predictions

I’m going out on a limb and predicting Sean Lowe makes it to the Top 3. It’s not due to his natural dance ability (I’ve seen early footage and it’s not good), but because America just loves this guy. He’s probably the only Bachelor in history to survive his season unscathed. Almost universally, everyone loved his proposal to Catherine and the emotion he showed watching it for the first time. Dude, shed some serious man tears.

I have no doubt the mirrorball trophy will come down between Kellie Pickler and Jacoby Jones. Pickler knows how to survive a grueling reality competition (American Idol). She’s a true veteran at pandering for votes. Her bubbly personality, along with her country following will surely help her cause. Plus I’ve seen early photos and girl has serious flexibility. Jones on his part is a serious contender as well. Football players have historically done very well in the competition. Emmitt Smith, Hines Ward and Donald Driver are all previous DWTS winners who also played in the NFL.

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What do you think of my predictions? Do you agree/disagree with them? Who do you think the early frontrunners are? Who are you rooting for? Sound off below.

  • Switch Zendaya and Sean Lowe… that’s the only thing I would really change. I really don’t see the appeal with Sean; he personally reminds me of that other blonde texas bachelor who seemed nice at first but later became a total reality TV whore. This is only stop number three for Sean, but it’s the same exact path that the other guy took and since Sean wants a TV wedding, I don’t see him going off air any time soon.