After weeks of speculation, the celebrity cast of “Dancing With The Stars” Season 11 was finally announced live during Monday night’s telecast of “The Bachelor Pad“. Both Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke were on hand to introduce the celebrity hoofers. The ladies were revealed first, with the men unveiled minutes later. All but two of the stars were there live.

For the most part, the participating cast fell in line with most of the spoilers that leaked online. Overall it’s not a bad cast, but it certainly won’t have the same buzz it did last year when trainwreck Kate Gosselin showed the world her lack of rhythm. Unfortunately Gosselin’s positive impact on Neilsen ratings played a part with this year’s cast. How else can you explain the inclusion of Bristol Palin. Let’s reward her for being a teenage mom, by placing her on one of TV’s biggest shows.


Audrina Patridge

Occupation: Reality TV Personality, Actress
Age: 25
Professional Partner: Tony Dovolani

The only cast member to star for the entire run of “The Hills” and the only brunette series regular. For enduring Speidi all those years, Audrina definitely earned her DWTS spot and deserves to show the world she can do more than look at ceilings. She lucked out with her professional partner (Dovolani), and if she has any ounce of rhythm and good work ethic, she could go far. But I think her dancing is as wooden as her acting. Being a pretty reality star, like Kim Kardashian, can only get you so far. I predict a middle of the season elimination.

Jennifer Grey

Occupation: Actress
Age: 50
Professional Partner: Derek Hough

How many “Dirty Dancing” and “Baby” references/puns will we have to endure from Bergeron and company this season? We all know she can dance and that she can carry a watermelon to a party. Millions fell in love with her (pre-nose job) for those facts alone. If it wasn’t for her age (50 years old), some might consider her to be this season’s ringer. No female winner or runner-up has been over the age of 40, so she’ll have an uphill battle if she wants to hold the mirror ball. No one puts Baby in the corner. Cheesy “Dirty Dancing” reference count, 1.

Florence Henderson

Occupation: Actress, Iconic TV Mom
Age: 76
Professional Partner: Corky Ballas

This lovely lady is this season’s Cloris Leachman. The former Brady mom dated younger men long before the term cougar was invented. She’s mentally younger than her age states, but unfortunately her body is another thing. Her body won’t be able to withstand the rigorous schedule DWTS demands. Flo-Hen will be eliminated in the first few weeks.


Occupation: Singer, Actress
Age: 31
Professional Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

We know Moesha can throw it down. She’s got the dance moves that could take her all the way. God knows she needs this to re-ignite her stalwart career. Back in the day, she ruled the Billboard Charts, starred on a successful TV show and survived “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”. Now she’s known for being let go from “America’s Got Talent” and starring with her brother on a VH1 reality series. How the mighty have fallen. If she connects with viewers, she could make the finals. I predict she’ll make final five at the very least.

Margaret Cho

Occupation: Comedienne, Actress
Age: 41
Professional Partner: Louis Van Amstel

Last year, I incorrectly predicted Niecy Nash would be the first to go. How was I supposed to know the girl had rhythm, a fantastic personality and was funny as shizz. Personally I find Cho hella funnier, but I don’t think her schtick will work for middle America. As much as I love the incomparable Cho, she’ll be lucky if she makes it halfway through the season.

Bristol Palin

Occupation: Teenage Mom, Sarah Palin’s Daughter
Age: 19
Professional Partner: Mark Ballas

Automatically she’s working with a deficit. If viewers don’t like her mother, there is no way in hell she’ll get their votes. Then mark off Democratics, members of Team Levi and those opposed to her being a teenage mom. Casting Bristol was just a marketing ploy to generate interest. Expect Palin to be eliminated the first time her mom is seen in the audience watching her. Week three or four elimination for sure.


Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino

Occupation: Reality TV Personality, Professional Guido
Age: 27
Professional Partner: Karina Smirnoff

Mr. Michael Sorrentino, along with Snooki, can be credited for luring viewers and keeping them glued to “Jersey Shore” on a weekly basis. Those other six hookers are dead weight. Behind his rock hard abs and womanizing ways, “The Situation” is a charming guy and very likable. With all those horny female voters at home, it should be as easy as pie to grab their votes. He can fist pump and techno dance, but can he paso doble. I guess in three week’s we’ll be able to tell. I predict a top six placing at the very least.

Michael Bolton

Occupation: Singer
Age: 57
Professional Partner: Chelsie Hightower

For a long period of time there, he ruled the adult contemporary and even pop chart with his over-the-top ballads. He was so popular, he dated stunners Teri Hatcher, Nicolette Sheridan and Ashley Judd in the early 1990s. Normally I’d say he’d be a lock to make it at least halfway, since he has an uncanny ability of winning women over. But with another late fifty-something former heartthrob in the mix, I say they’ll split votes, with Bolton on the bottom end. Early elimination is all but guaranteed.

Kurt Warner

Occupation: Retired NFL Quarterback
Age: 39
Professional Partner: Anna Trebunskaya

In order to become a successful quarterback in the NFL, you have to have fancy quick feet. Historically speaking football players have done well in the competition. Even the stand-offish Ochocinco made it near the finals last season. Warner is a revered figure within the sport, and a handsome-looking guy. With that winning combination, he should last in the competition. I predict a Top 6 placing at the very least.

Rick Fox

Occupation: Retired NBA Player, Actor
Age: 41
Professional Partner: Cheryl Burke

When I used to watch NBA basketball games religiously, Rick Fox annoyed the crap out of me. There was always something about him I couldn’t stand. I guess his powers of seduction only works with gorgeous women. He was once married to Vanessa Williams and now dating Eliza Dushku. WTF??? While football players do well in the ballroom dancefloor, their taller hoop counterparts, aren’t so lucky. He’s held the NBA championship title before, but his dream of holding the mirror ball trophy will be unrealized. Gone within the first few weeks for sure.

David Hasselhoff

Occupation: Actor, Singer
Age: 58
Professional Partner: Kym Johnson

I love The Hoff and been a fan since his “Knight Rider” days. Against all odds, he became a music superstar in Germany while running on the beach in red shorts in North America and winning them over. He also helped “America’s Got Talent” become a hit. This man has the golden touch, and can defy gravity. Appearing on the show reunites him with his former co-judge, Brandy. As resilient as he is, he won’t have the goods to win it all. He’ll last long and easily pass the other geriatics, but I predict he’ll only last halfway through the season.

Kyle Massey

Occupation: Actor, Rapper
Age: 19
Professional Partner: Lacey Schwimmer

I don’t know squat about Kyle Massey, but I do know he has the power of The Disney Channel behind him. Both Sabrina Bryan (Season 5) and Cody (Season 7) did well on DWTS, and Kyle could accomplish the same if he weren’t in such a competitive season. An early ouster is to be expected.

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Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast minus Michael Bolton & The Situation