DWTS 11: Week 5 Eliminations

Last night, the stars put on a show with numbers from popular TV classics like Bewitched and Charlie’s Angels. Kyle Massey who has proven to be a crowd favorite, fell almost all the way to the bottom of the pack when Len dropped their score down with an astonishing 5. Bristol and Mark were the bottom couple with their Monkee’s routine in ape suits and Brandy and Maks topped their leader board with their routine to the theme song from Friends. So lets find who got eliminated this week.

We start with the bottom two couples of the night. Kyle and Lacey danced to the theme from Charlie’s Angels. Their routine mixed disco with Foxtrot but fell short with Len who gave them a 5. On the flipside, he loved the theatrics of Mark and Bristol’s ape costumes but Bristol’s shortfalls during the routine caused them to score only 18 for the routine. The first couple safe is Kyle and Lacey. Bristol and Mark are also safe this week. SHOCKER! The bottom two couples are safe. Will a judges favorite be going home?

With TV Theme week, the show decided to create a few infomercials (to fill the one hour time slot). Bring It Like Bruno is the first up. With this DVD series, you can learn the moves of Bruno Tonioli like the lawn mower and my personal favorite the pencil sharpener. Hilarious.

Jason Derulo is first to perform with his hit single In My Head. The dancers rocked it out but Jason’s live singing skills were nothing to write home about. They announce he is singing again later on in the show. Yikes. Do we really need a double performance?

The second infomercial spoof is for a product called Easy Step which are foam footprints you place on the floor that can help you with any dance style. These foam feet can also be used to wash your car, wash your dog, flip burgers, are microwave and dishwasher safe. Call now and you can receive a pro as well. Super cute but super lame. Time filler. That’s all I can say.

Brandy and Maks are up next to hear their fate. Brandy and Maks wowed the judges with their routine last night to the theme from Friends awarding them with triple 9’s. Jennifer and Derek had a rougher week in rehearsals and on the floor. They fell from the top to second place for the second time. The next couple safe is Brandy and Maks. Jennifer and Derek are in jeopardy.

Next, the show does something they’ve never done before. They feature this lovely story about a family from Congo who now lives in the United States. DWTS has flown them out to see the show but secretly her sons have been rehearsing to perform a Cha Cha live on the show. They perform to a very proud mama who watches from the side. A great and moving story.

Kurt and Anna and Rick and Cheryl are up next to hear their fate. Kurt and Anna performed a cute number to the theme from Bewitched and Rick Cheryl made being a cop sexy with their dance to the theme from Hill Street Blues. The next couple safe is Kurt and Anna. Rick and Cheryl are in jeopardy.

The third and final spoof of the night is brought to us by The Hoff as the Sledgehammer lawyer ready to take your claims for dance injuries from the pros. Margaret Cho and The Situation make an appearance to share their success stories with “all their cash”. A great infomercial. An actual good time filler.

Shakira is next to perform her newest single Loca. I loved this performance. Shakira’s body is still banging and her and her dancers worked it out in bikinis and pants. Work it out ladies. After the break, Jason Derulo came back to perform a rendition of Georgia On My Mind. He was okay. The dancers were amazing. Time filler. That’s all I have to say.

The last two couples are ready to hear their fate. Audrina and Tony danced to the theme from The Hills and had a little trouble with the band who missed the first four bars of their song. Boo! Florence and Corky dance to the theme from the Brady Bunch and impressed the judges with an improvement from the week previous. Audrina and Tony are the last couple safe. Florence and Corky are in jeopardy.

After the commercial its time to find out who is eliminated tonight. Rick and Cheryl, Jennifer and Derek or Florence and Corky.
Jennifer and Derek are safe. Rick and Cheryl are safe.
Florence and Corky are eliminated this week.

In her exit package, Corky says how impressed he was with Florence and how much she has improved from the beginning. Aww. She we really be missed.

Next week is the first ever Rock n’ Roll week. Click back next week to read my recap and see the video performances. Thanks for reading.

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