DWTS 11: Week 4 Video Performances

Good evening. Tonight the stars are back to win your votes America. The ballroom has undergone its biggest makeover in 11 seasons to coincide with acoustic week. Tonight, the couples will be judge with two separate scores. One for technique and one for performance. Because the audience has been closer than ever the stars are under a lot more pressure to perform this week. Its also acoustic week. That serves as a challenge for most of the pros as they usually choreograph to accents in the music which are not as prominent in an unplugged band. The pros seem a bit shaken by the change not to mention to the stars. The musicality must be on point as well as the technique with the raised floor putting everything under the microscope. Lets hope everyone has what it takes when they perform the Argentine Tango or the Rumba.

The pros begin the night with a passionate Rumba. Chelsea and Dmitri show off their sexy skills to Chasing Pavements by Adele. Their chemistry, lifts and footwork steam up the ballroom. The judges seem to approve and we begin the first performance of the night.


SONG:”Drops of Jupiter” by Train
Last week, Kurt’s charm won over Carrie Ann, but will his sexy Rumba do the same? In rehearsals, Kurt seems to have a little trouble with the new technique. Anna thinks that the sensual chemistry that is needed for the piece may be awkward. Kurt explains that being a Christian and dancing sensually with Anna is hard not knowing how is wife feels. She comes to observe a rehearsal with Anna’s husband and she approves. Now Kurt has to bring that passion to the dance floor. As I watch the routine I feel like Kurt is dancing Rumba by numbers. There is zero passion between these two and Kurt is really stiff. Anna however is giving us everything in her hot little dress. Len liked Kurt’s hip movement and thought he pitched the romantic side of the piece just right. Bruno gives Kurt some criticism on his hands and tells him it has to flow through his hands and all the way to his fingers. Carrie Ann liked the performance and thought it was intimate and honest. She does mention his musicality wasn’t as spot on as it was last week.
The Scores:

Technical: Carrie Ann-5 Len-5 Bruno-5
Performance: Carie Anne-7 Len-6 Bruno-6
Grand Total: 34 out of 60


SONG:”Woman’s Work” by Maxwell
Brandy and Maks are up next after the break with another Rumba. Last week, her Samba showed improvement. Maks explains the Rumba must be hot and sexy. In rehearsal, Brandy has some trouble with the sexy. I would think it may have something to do with Maks’ approach. Brandy mentions she hasn’t been with anyone in six years and doesn’t feel sexy. Maks takes Brandy on a date to practice being romantic however, Brandy isn’t buying it. She was glad to get out of the dance studio though and decides to channel it in her dance this week. Already, Brandy is impressing me in her gorgeous white dress. Her arms are so smooth and the look in her eyes while looking at Maks are screaming fire. The passion between is unreal and is definitely going to get them some performance marks this time around. But was her technique up to par? Bruno begins with a smile loving the mood the two of them portrayed. He compares it to catching two loves stealing a moment of passion. Carie Ann says she’s been waiting for the real Brandy to show herself and calls this her comeback night. Technically, she needed more strength in her legs and strength in her movement. Len thought her technique wasn’t bad and that the performance was a little hot and spicy for his taste.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-7 Len-8 Bruno-7
Performance: Carie Ann-9 Len-8 Bruno-9
Total: 48 out of 60

After the scores, the pros take to the stage to show just how the Argentine Tango is done. Wow. These two lit up the floor with lifts and footwork. Their passion was insane to a revised version of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Wowza.


SONG:”Violentango” by Astor Piazzolla
Rick Fox is up next with his Argentine Tango. Last week, he turned up the heat with his Samba making Carie Ann all flustered and speechless. This is Cheryl’s favorite dance and she even learned the basic’s in Argentina recently. Should give them the upper hand right? Rick wants to make sure that he is solid in both skill sets: performance and technique. Lifts are allowed this week but with Rick’s height and strength, he is concerned with tossing Cheryl right off the stage. They practice on the stage and cut it close a few times. Hopefully they’ve figured it out for the live performance. One false move could cause them to go overboard. The fire between Rick and Cheryl is unquestionable. His technique seems flawless and the power in his lifts is amazing. Their final lift and end pose were a great end to the routine. Carie Ann thought the performance felt one dimensional. She didn’t feel the passion and thought Rick was concentrating too hard. Len thought the lifts were excellent and suited the dance. He also thinks his legs could have been crisper and that the routine lost steam as it progressed. Bruno compares Rick to Clark Gable and Megatron. Wow. That’s two ends of the spectrum. Hopefully the scores will read better.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-6 Len-7 Bruno-6
Performance: Carie Ann-6 Len-7 Bruno-7
Total: 39 out of 60


SONG:”Nothin’ On You” by B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars
Last week, Kyle was attacked by Len with having absolutely no technique despite his high performance level. The package begins with Kyle asking for help with his technique and what he needs to work on. Kyle says he has the sexy and Lacey can work on getting the footwork. In rehearsals, Lacey drills Kyle over and over and again to point his toes and turn out his feet. A much needed training session for his lack there of. Hopefully he can show it off in the Rumba where its slower. The routine begins and so far so good. Although, I feel that Kyle is really into it but Lacey is not so much. However, I do like the choreography. The technique doesn’t seem to have improved at all and his performance seems to have faltered somewhere along in the process. The audience loved it though. Len thought Kyle’s footwork was better but it was too sharp and was too staccato. Bruno thought he played the role well and had moments of fluidity but then was too sharp at other times. Carie Ann thought he brought a sense of innocence to the piece and appreciated his attention to technique but his dynamic was out of whack.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-6 Len-6 Bruno-6
Performance: Carie Ann-8 Len-7 Bruno-7
Total: 40 out of 60


SONG:”Sweet Dreams” by Tanghetto
Last week, they performed a Foxtrot like nothing the show has ever seen before and now, Mike is onto another dance style he knows nothing about. During rehearsals, The Situation is getting frustrated and explains that he wants to prove everyone wrong and work hard to look good for himself and his partner. As they practice the lifts, it begins a little rough. They practice on mats and even on couches. Lets hope he doesn’t drop her on the new round floor or into the front row of the audience. The routine begins the tough lift and they nailed it. The footwork is simple but The Situations strength attention to sharpness are very apparent throughout the routine. His passion also shines through but ultimately the lifts are my favorite in this piece. Bruno called it a terrible mess and because of all the mistakes he couldn’t get into his performance. Carie Ann welcomes The Situation’s abs to the show. She thought it was a rough ride but thought there was improvement in his performance. Len thought it was consistently bad throughout and unlucky. Len thinks that Karina is doing a great job of coaching The Situation.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-4 Len-4 Bruno-4
Performance: Carie Ann-6 Len-5 Bruno-5
Total: 28 out of 60


SONG:”Yesterday” by The Beatles
Florence is up next with her Rumba. Last week, the judges loved her story in the Waltz but wished for more technique. Corky explains that its a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Sounds sexy. This week, Florence is getting pushed harder by Corky to impress the judges in both of the scores. Mark (Corky’s son) and Barbara (Florence’s daughter) do a bit of show-and-tell and the kids must decide if the dance moves are appropriate or not appropriate. Hilarious. Florence’s dress is stunning tonight. As the dance begins, she brings out the dirty bird. I don’t know if I started laughing because it was so awkward or because seeing an older woman be sexy like that just made me laugh. Not that I don’t think older people can’t get hot and steamy, but this was a little wild for me. But we’ll see what the judges think. The other pros and stars are heard screaming from the sky box loving every minute of the performance. Tom calls it the Season 11 get a room dance. Carie Ann says “What just happened? You’re Mrs. Brady!” Carie Ann thought it went a little too far. Len thought it was much better than he expected. Bruno thought it was spicy and sultry. The technique wasn’t quite there for him but he loved the performance.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-6 Len-6 Bruno-5
Performance: Carie Ann-6 Len-6 Bruno-6
Total: 35 out of 60


SONG:”La Cumparsita” by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez
Last week, Jennifer was knocked off the top of the leader board by Audrina with one mistake that cost it all. This week, they have the Argentine Tango and Jennifer is getting ready to step up her technique. Jennifer’s back and neroma are causing pain the rehearsals and Derek wonders if he should pull back. They persevere and continue on as Jennifer declares she is the Argentine Tango Queen. The play off with the piano is totally a great way to begin the piece. Jennifer looks stunning and I love the use of a popular song for this tango. Jennifer was worried about holding her own with Derek but I think she is doing a great job and her musicality is flawless. I love this couple. The routine will definitely separate her from the pack before her. The audience continues to go crazy as the judges begin. Len thought it was the best Tango of the night and Bruno calls it prime time delight. He compliments her on her musicality and Carie Ann calls it simply, amazing. Wow. Sounds like some 9’s may come out tonight.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-9 Len-9 Bruno-9
Performance: Carie Ann-10 Len-9 Bruno-10 (first 10’s of the season)
Total: 56 out of 60


SONG:”Umbrella” by Rihanna
Last week, her execution was strong but performance lacked as she had a hard time portraying her character. Bristol is really nervous about doing the Rumba and being sexy. Mark says that the Rumba and Bristol have 0 in common. Yikes. In rehearsals, he has to tell her to stop giving up. Rehearsals start getting better and we cut to Bristol getting inspiration from her son at home. Trip clearly loved it running over to give Mark a big high five. Bristol begins on the floor and Mark comes down to meet her. This is the first time I’ve believed Bristol’s performance. Is she pretending that Mark is Levi perhaps? Nothing like some sexy dancing for your baby daddy! And then, BOOM! Mark Ballas takes his shirt off. Too be honest, as much as I love a shirtless hot man on television, it was completely unnecessary. So, how’s your abstinence campaign now Bristol? Bruno thought she was very clean in her technique but it didn’t go anywhere. Carie Ann didn’t think there was no effort from Bristol in performing and thought she was only dancing for Mark. Len thought taking the shirt off was just a distraction. He wants to see more “we” and less “me” in the routines.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-6 Len-6 Bruno-6
Performance: Carie Ann-4 Len-5 Bruno-5
Total: 32 out of 60


SONG:”Somebody To Love” by Jefferson Airplane
Audrina and Tony round off the evening with Argentine Tango. Last week, she topped the leader board with her emotionally executed performance. In rehearsals, Audrina states that she knows nothing about the Argentine Tango. Tony has tapes off the floor and it begins to frighten Audrina a tad bit. The pressure is starting to get to her and you can tell. The challenge this week is having both performance and technique because this stage shows everything. Audrina practiced some acting techniques with Tony to help channel the passion she needs to stay on top again this week. She wanted to be a diva and I think she is nailing it. The way she looks at Tony is epic and when she links on around his waste and lets herself all the way down, she looks absolutely stunning. Its not as intense as Jennifer and Derek’s was but what I can’t stop looking at are Audrina’s legs. Amazing. Carie Ann really enjoyed it but gives Audrina some advice on her feet and dismounts. Len thought it was clean and clear and that the lifts were really good. Bruno thought Audrina played it like the ice queen but it didn’t have a certain drive. Bruno thinks Audrina just needs to point her feet to make a little sharper.
The Scores:

Technical: Carie Ann-8 Len-8 Bruno-8
Performance: Carie Ann-8 Len-7 Bruno-7
Total: 46 out of 60

Tonight really separated the stars. Audrina and Jennifer really shone tonight and it appears some of the stars need some serious work on technique or performance. Click back tomorrow to find out the results of your votes America. Thanks for reading.

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