Here we go. Another round of eliminations and as the weeks go on, they get tougher. Last night, the judges gave out two scores. One for technique and one for performance. This split in the scores really rained down hard on not only the stars but the pros as well. Technique lacked for many and performance wasn’t far behind. Jennifer reclaimed her spot on the top of the leader board receiving the first 10’s of the season. Audrina, the opponent who rose to the top last week wasn’t far behind. Mike “The Situation” fell to the bottom of the back in technique and performance, but will he be eliminated tonight? The ballroom in the round took its toll but who will be its first victim?

The leading ladies from last night are first up to hear their fate. Brandy and Maks, Jennifer and Derek and Audrina and Tony all had great performances and proved why they deserve to be here. With a dramatic pause, Tom reveals that all 3 top performers from last night are safe.

Tom asks Len who the judges would like to watch perform again. They picked the dance with the best technique, choreography and performance of the night and there, Jennifer and Derek re-perform their routine. Now that the pressure was off, the routine was even more stunning and Jennifer is just effing gorgeous. Patrick was sitting beside and said it was flawless. I couldn’t agree more. A standing o from the ballroom certifies it.

After the commercial break we get treated to a performance by the Goo Goo Dolls performing a medley of songs they created just for Dancing With the Stars. They begin with the classic Iris. Who doesn’t love this song am I right? Dmitri and Chelsea hit the floor to perform a gorgeous Rumba to the song. They compliment it so well. I love these two dancing together. The Goo Goo Dolls switch focus to their new song We’re Not Broken. Tow more dancers hit the floor, (Jason and Chantal) and they dance a gorgeous Lyrical/Contemporary duet. Just beautiful. In the end, the four dance together and finish off the routine. Loved it. Love the Goo Goo Dolls. Great performance. I didn’t even want to fast forward through it.

Kyle and Lacey and Bristol and Mark are up next to hear their fate. Bristol had a hard time connecting to the piece considering its content and that she is an activist for abstinence (a little too late if you know what I mean). Kyle has the performance but not the technique and the judges called him out for it. Kyle and Lacey are safe. Bristol and Mark are in jeopardy and will find out their fate later. The ballroom goes silent. Do they agree or are they shocked that all the right wing republicans had better things to do last night than phone in for Bristol.

After the break, Rick and Cheryl and Kurt and Anna are up to hear their fate. Athlete vs. Athlete. Kurt was a little… no a lot stiff last night and his “frying pan hands” as Bruno calls them really didn’t help him much. Rick felt in character for the routine but didn’t quite bring the technique the judges were looking for. Probably had a lot to do with his size. The couple coming back next week is Rick and Cheryl. Kurt and Anna are in jeopardy and will find out their fate later. 5 couples are safe and 2 are in jeopardy.

For tonight’s Macy’s Star of Dance performance, the cast of Forever Tango takes over the round and all I have to say is WOW! Some of those lifts and footwork were RIDICULOUS! Hats off to them. I don’t know what else to say.

With her first acoustic performance on US television, Florence + the Machine is up next with Dog Days Are Over. She wowed us with her performance at the MTV VMA’s and this performance is unlike any other. Dancers are positioned on small pedestals around the stage and they are living. It looks amazing and she can SING! Wow. I know this song is so old and everyone is getting over it but with a performance like this, you can’t help but love every single minute of it. The dancers join her on the stage for the end piece and its spectacular.

Florence and Corky and The Situation and Karina are next to hear their fate. Florence wowed and shocked a few with her sexy Rumba even making Carie Ann feel awkward. The Situation had a situation receiving 4’s from the all the judges. He lacked not only technique but performance as well and received heavy criticism despite how difficult the lifts were. Florence and Corky are safe for one more week. The Situation is at the bottom of the board and is in jeopardy of being eliminated.

Bristol and Mark, Kurt and Anna and The Situation and Karina are ready to hear their final fate. After reviewing the judges comments from last night, Tom and Brooke reveal the results. The next couple safe is Kurt and Anna. Football fans rejoice. Here we go. Elimination time. The couple with the lowest combined total is… The Situation and Karina. A long tough battle for the GTL originator but unfortunately, the judges dropped a grenade on his path to the finish. Looks like its back to the shore for Mike. Maybe Snooki will wanna dance with somebody.

Check back next week when the stars and the pros take on a new challenge: TV THEME WEEK! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. Thanks for reading.