Dunhill Celebrates British Olympians

The 2012 London Summer Olympics are around the corner and I can’t wait. I’m a hardcore fanatic. Just ask Patrick and Tyrell about the time I swept through the Olympic category during a game of Jeopardy on Wii. DOMINATED. But enough self admiration, the point of this post is to applaud Dunhill’s latest ad campaign and not my Olympic trivia prowess 😉

The British luxury men’s brand just launched their Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign. Titled “Voice“, it celebrates British Olympians from the past, present and future. These three sporting giants in their respective field look absolutely dapper, sexy and masculine in their Dunhill threads. While most fashion labels like to exclusively use celebrities for their campaigns, Dunhill opted to celebrate real men of distinction of different ages and backgrounds. The Voice campaign is not about celebrity nor the world of fame.

“Men who have achieved great things in their chosen fields and continue to excel with humility and grace. Men who embody timeless values that are worth aspiring to – qualities like compassion, dedication and conviction. Brilliant, inspiring, driven, engaging men with opinions, flaws and stories to tell.”

Unlike this cheesy Chanel gymnastic-inspired photo shoot, the Alfred Dunhill black and white portraits are powerful and classy. All three men look handsome and distinguished dressed head to toe in Dunhill clothes and make great spokesmen for the British atelier. I’m sure we will see more Olympic-themed ad campaigns leading up to the 2012 London Games. Check out the photos below.

British Olympians: Past

Sir Matthew Pinsent is one of Britian’s most decorated athletes. The rower has four gold medals to his credit, winning his first one at the age of 21. Now 41-years-old, Pinsent is retired and works as a sports broadcaster for BBC.

British Olympians: Present

I love me a scruffy man and Iain Percy certainly fits that bill. Percy is a double Olympic sailing champion having won gold medals at both the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics. The 35-year-old will attempt to win a third gold medal at the upcoming London Games.

British Olympians: Future

Louis Smith has been on our radar for a while. He was featured in our weekly Sports Stud series last year. He is the future (sexy one a that) of British gymnastics. In 2008, he won a bronze medal for the pommel horse and became the first Brit to win an individual gymnastics medal since the 1908 Olympics, coincidentally enough held in London. He’s hoping to add gold this time around.

What do you think of Dunhill’s Voice campaign? Are you looking forward to the 2012 London Olympics? What events do you like to watch? Which Dunhill model is the hottest? Sound off below.