Just a few days ago, the Welsh singer debuted the lead single from her upcoming “Endlessly” sophomore effort. Once I heard the track, I immediately fell in love with “Well, Well, Well“. I was wondering how long, I’d have to wait to see the music video. Apparently, not long because I have it here for you.

The video premiered via Universal Music Spain (gracias amigos) and some awesome person posted it on twitvid (gracias again). I couldn’t have imagined a better visual for the track. It’s cool, sexy, and even sports a bit of choreography. You go, Duffy. The girl oozes casual mod sex appeal and HELLO. Did you see the slit high enough to almost see up to her hooha. Just watching the video, makes me want to pack up and head over to the UK and find some speakeasy and chill. Damn, I love those Brits.