Dua Lipa Debuts Epic ‘Swan Song’ Music Video For James Cameron’s ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

Alita: Battle Angel comes from visionary filmmakers James Cameron & Robert Rodriguez. The cyberpunk action film is based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita). It’s an epic adventure of hope and empowerment centered on Alita who awakens with no memory of who she is in a future world she does not recognize. It arrives in theaters on February 14.

Dua Lipa was chosen to belt out the film’s anthem, “Swan Song.” Definitely an inspired decision. The “New Rules” hitmaker even looks like the film’s heroine. She just debuted her soundtrack contribution and to the surprise of no one, it’s pretty effing fantastic. This woman can do no wrong in my eyes.

“The flicker burning / You know the time’s running, running out / Only I see all the diamonds, diamonds
Breaking down / I won’t stay quiet, I won’t stay quiet / ‘Cause staying silent’s the same as dying / I won’t stay quiet, the flicker’s burning low,” Lipa sings on the soaring anthem.

The accompanying visual, directed by Floria Sigismondi, is pretty epic. It finds Lipa in the film’s world, on the treacherous streets of Iron City. Dua even comes face to face with Alita. Watch the music video below to find out what happens when the two meet.

Dua Lipa ‘Swan Song’

Alita: Battle Angel Trailer