Dua Lipa Delivers Another Sensational Music Video, ‘IDGAF’ Is A Must Watch

New Rules” was arguably one of the best music videos of 2017. Following that up with an equally innovative visual would be a monumental feat for most people. Not for the incomparable Dua Lipa. She’s delivered another winner.

The 22-year-old English singer has selected “IDGAF” as her next single. The music video, which took 22 hours to shoot, is a celebration of self-love. Directed by Henry Scholfield, the clip finds Lipa cloning herself. Each clone leads an army of dancing ladies rocking matching suits as their respective leader. The two versions of Dua represent your stronger and weaker side.

“We wanted to embody the sense of empowerment in the track, whilst going beyond the literal breakup context. We had in mind a visual of the internal struggle, showing the two sides of Dua’s emotive state, like an argument with someone you love. The strong Dua at first berating then eventually persuading her weaker alter ego that they both don’t give a fuck,” said Schofield about the video.

Check out the fantastic clip below. The unique choreo is everything.

Dua Lipa ‘IDGAF’ Music Video